Harry Potter, Swish and Lick

Title: Swish and Lick [Harry/Neville]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Harry. Neville. Wandsmut. ’nuff said.
A/N: Some commentsmut for Ellen, and my first Harry/Neville! thanks to marks for introducing me to the joys of the woobies.

Swish and Lick

“You know, Neville,” Harry said contemplatively, “I’m really glad you’ve got your own wand now.”

“Hm?” Neville looked up from his messy notes in surprise. He blushed as he noticed the intent way Harry was staring at him. He stared back so long, unable to tear his own watery bluish eyes away from the brilliant green, that he forgot what Harry had even said. “Uhm, what was that?”

Harry reached over and picked up Neville’s wand from the desk, twirling it between his fingers loosely. “I said I’m glad you don’t have your father’s wand anymore.”

“Why…” Neville had to swallow to keep his voice from squeaking a little, watching in fascination as Harry slowly ran his fingers up and down Neville’s wand. “Why is that?”

“Because then that would make what I’m about to do,” Harry ran his fingertips up to the very tip of the wand and rubbed the point in slow circles, “slightly disturbing.”

Harry removed his finger from the top of the wand and replaced it with his lips, staring directly into Neville’s eyes. Neville’s heart felt like it was trying to pound its way out of his chest for a better look as Harry ran soft lips over the tip of Neville’s wand.

“What…” Neville’s inability to breathe was making it hard to squeeze out the words. “What are you….doing that for?”

“Do you want me to stop?” Harry asked softly, silkily, the wand’s tip resting against his wet lips, the dark length of it a stark contrast to the soft pink of Harry’s mouth.

“I…ye…” Neville sucked in a breath as Harry brushed the very tip of his tongue over his wand. “…no,” he finished breathily.

Harry chuckled throatily before wrapping his lips more firmly around the tip of Neville’s wand and sucking the top inch or so into his mouth, never breaking eye contact with Neville. Neville shuddered as he imagined Harry doing that to his other wand, and suddenly realized he was hard as Hagrid’s toffee. He thought it was possible he was even harder than the time he’d been woken up in the middle of the night by Seamus’ moans coming from Dean’s bed. His hand moved towards his groin seemingly by it’s own volition.

Harry didn’t miss the motion, judging by the smirk that lifted one corner of his mouth around Neville’s wand.

“Do you want to touch yourself?” Harry asked in a dangerous whisper. Neville nodded jerkily, hyper-aware of the way Harry’s fingers were rubbing gently against the base of his wand where he held it. “Do it then. For me. I want to see you.”

The command was all it took. Neville deftly slid his hand into his robes and tugged at his fly as silently as possible. His cheeks colored at the thought of how he was letting Harry do this to him in public, at the thought of where they were, but he didn’t hesitate and he didn’t look away from Harry’s eyes. At the moment he wrapped his hand around his erection, Neville knew that Harry knew, even through the layers of desk and robes that blocked the action from the other Gryffindor’s sight; Neville saw the knowledge in the way Harry’s pupils dialated with desire, the green reduced to a halo of Avada Kedavra light. Neville thought it completely appropriate, since he felt like this whole scenario might just kill him, if only Harry sucked on his wand just a little harder, or stroked the base of it just a little harder.

Harry’s eyes flickered with scorching amusement as he purposefully toyed with Neville’s wand, rolling the hard length in his fingers and across his by-now-puffy lips. Neville couldn’t suppress a little gasp as Harry flicked out his tongue again and ran it down just another inch or two of wood.

“Please,” Neville whispered, stroking himself firmly in time to the workings of Harry’s lips and tongue on his wand, and when that had no effect, “now.”

Neville saw Harry shudder and nod almost imperceptibly, then Harry slid the wand a good six inches into his mouth (He’s been practicing! Neville hummed mentally) and sucked hard enough that Neville saw the flex in his cheek muscles.

Neville felt the beginnings of his orgasm throbbing in his hand, but never broke eye contact with Harry, letting him see every one of the last four strokes it took to shove him over the edge, letting the rush of yeshotwetgood flood into to his eyes and across the space to Harry.

He was mellowly surprised when Harry stiffened and clenched his jaw around Neville’s wand, the perfect picture of surprised ecstasy. Through a haze of afterglow, Neville’s stifled a chuckle as he suddenly remembered that Harry had spent all last year studying Occlumency.

And speaking of Occlumency lessons…

“Mr. Potter!” Snape roared, descending on him suddenly. “Is there a reason why you have not added a single ingredient to your potion?! And just what, may I ask, are you doing with Longbottom’s wand in your mouth?!”

The ill-chosen words hung in the air for a moment before the Potions classroom roared with laughter, Neville laughing hardest of all at Harry’s dumbstruck expression.

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