Harry Potter, Just Following Orders

Title: Just Following Orders [Remus/Harry/Neville]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for double penetration, threesome
Summary: Molly makes demands. Remus obliges the terms of the demands, if not the spirit.
AN: For the Fantasy Challenge. Stepps requested: HP/NL/RL, Remus watches, dom!Neville, bondage if you like (because I do!). Hope you like what you got, I sure enjoyed writing it.

Just Following Orders

“Remus,” Molly said, arms crossed, “you have to do something.”

Why did he have to do something, Remus wanted to know. Why couldn’t anybody else in the house do something? Why did everybody think he was going to step up and fill Sirius’ shoes for Harry? Why couldn’t they just let him lie down and wallow in his misery?

Molly was still staring at him.

“Fine,” he grunted, and shuffled past her into the kitchen.

On opposite sides of the kitchen table, Harry and Neville were both slouched in chairs, heads flopped on their crossed arms, glaring at each other dully.

“Fuck off,” Harry said.

“No, you fuck off,” Neville replied.

“You fuck off.”

“You fuck off.”

“You fuck off.”

“You fuck off.”

“Boys,” Remus interrupted, leaning against the counter for support, “all you’ve done for the last two weeks is sit here and curse at each other. Don’t you think you could find something more constructive to do?”

“Fuck off,” Harry and Neville said in unison.

“I appreciate,” Remus gritted his teeth, “that both of you have lost someone close to you this summer, but this is really not…”

“Shove it, Professor,” Harry interrupted.

“Molly’s already given us that load of shit,” Neville added. “And Dumbledore, and McGonagall, and Shacklebolt, and Tonks, and Snape would have if Harry hadn’t set fire to his robes.”

“And Moody,” Harry finished. “But at least his had swears in.”

“Right,” Neville nodded. “So fuck off.”

“Listen, you two,” Remus’ patience finally snapped, “I don’t give a flying fuck what you do, I don’t care if you lock yourself in a room upstairs and do nothing but have each other off for the rest of the summer! But do it someplace else, for fuck’s sake, so Molly will let me be miserable in peace!”

Neville and Harry exchanged raised eyebrows, then promptly went back to their original discussion, ignoring Remus.

“This is your fault,” Harry reported casually. “If you weren’t such a whingy little loser, I could’ve been helping Sirius instead of saving your sorry arse.”

“If you weren’t such a sociopathic mental case,” Neville replied, “maybe a few people could’ve been guarding my gram instead of baby-sitting you.”

“If you weren’t such a incompetent tit, Voldemort would’ve gone after you in the first place.”

“Fuck off.”

“You fuck off.”

“You fuck…”

“OUT!” Remus roared, pointing to the door. “OUT RIGHT NOW!”

Glaring at Remus balefully, the two teenagers got to their feet as slowly as possible and stomped out of the room. As their footsteps clomped up the stairs, Remus rubbed his temples and considered skipping his Wolfsbane this month just so he could eat somebody.

Unfortunately for Remus’ peace, the boys took his advice a bit more literally than he had intended.

“Remus,” Molly said, arms crossed, “you have to do something.”

“Dammit, Molly!” Remus snarled. He clenched his fingers around his book and wished it were this infernal meddling woman’s neck. “You wanted them to stop laying around and cursing at each other, and they did! Go cook something, can’t you?!”

“It’s unnatural!” Molly insisted, fixing her beady eyes firmly on Remus as though it were his fault that Harry and Neville had locked themselves in a room upstairs and were having each other off as though they intended to do nothing else for the rest of the summer. “They need a male role model!”

“If you don’t want them buggering each other,” Remus snapped, “than perhaps someone who isn’t a GREAT FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL should be their bloody role model!”

Molly’s gaze never wavered.

“Fine!” Remus shouted, slamming his book down on the desk. “I’ll take care of it!” Remus stood up abruptly, sending his chair to the floor with a crash and marched out of the room, shouldering Molly aside.

“And don’t give them any more ideas!” she called after him.

“Why don’t you clean something, woman!” Remus yelled without turning around.

Once up the second flight of steps to the third floor, a series of loud thumps and muffled cursing was readily audible from the last room on the right, even through the closed door. When Remus reached the door, it was, as reported, locked tight from the inside, and a half-hearted Alohamora effected nothing. Rolling his eyes, Remus backed up a few steps, then rammed the door with his shoulder, and the lock gave way with a sharp crack.

The door slammed open to reveal a very naked Harry and Neville staring dispassionately at him from the four-poster bed, sheets in a hopeless tangle underneath them. Harry’s wrists were tied to a bedpost by somebody’s Gryffindor tie. Neville was crouched over him, having evidently won the last struggle for dominance, two fingers buried knuckle-deep in Harry’s arse. Both boys were covered in sweat and sported an impressive array of bruises, and the room reeked of sex.

“Well?” Neville asked. “If you’ve come to yell, get on with it.”

“We’ll just carry on, if you don’t mind,” Harry added, thrusting against Neville’s fingers as best he could while bound and with one of Neville’s hands pressing him firmly down into the bed. “S’nothing we haven’t heard five times already today. Although you’re the first to break down the door.”

“Unless you want to join in?” Neville raised an eyebrow. “Harry’s not picky about whose cock goes in where.” He gave a little wriggle with the fingers inside Harry as punctuation, and Harry made a greedy noise. “He’s a rather desperate bottom.”

“Oh,” Harry snapped, “and I suppose that was the other Neville in the room whining ‘fuck me harder, Harry’ this morning!”

It wasn’t as though Remus didn’t know how bad an idea this was. It was just that, really, he didn’t care, and turning down rough, angry sex with willing teenage boys sure wasn’t going to bring Sirius back. In fact, if there was anything that would bring Sirius back, it probably would be the offer of rough, angry sex with willing teenage boys.

Remus kicked the door shut. Which was stupid, because he’d just broken the lock.

His robes were on the floor before Remus realized he’d already made a decision, and his shirt was mostly undone by the time he reached the bed. Neville stopped what he was doing to watch, despite Harry’s frustrated cursing. Shedding his trousers, Remus sat on the very end of the bed and motioned Neville forward with a finger.

“Just where do you think you’re going?” Harry demanded as Neville slid his fingers out of Harry and crawled over towards Remus. Neville gave Harry a wink before throwing a knee over Remus’ legs and settling into his lap. Running a hand down Neville’s bare back, Remus smirked at Harry over Neville’s shoulder and got a snarl in return from the bound Gryffindor.

While Neville ground against him, Remus glanced down to see an impressive purple blotch across Neville’s hip that was vaguely the shape of several clenching fingers. Remus pressed his own palm over the mark firmly, and Neville arched against him with a groan.

“Like it rough, do you?” Remus didn’t wait for an answer, but bent his head to nip Neville’s shoulder. The way Neville cursed and clutched at Remus’ arse was answer enough.

Meanwhile, Harry was less than enthralled by the show.

“One of you bastards better get back over here and fuck me RIGHT NOW!” he shouted. He was struggling against the tie binding him to the bedpost, and stretching out as far down the bed as he could, but the best he could manage was to poke Neville in the rear with his big toe. “HEY! I’m talking to YOU! Go find your own toy, you flea-bitten MUTT!”

“Think somebody wants some attention.” Remus gave a cruel smile to Harry as he thrust deliberately against Neville.

“Hmm,” Neville agreed, “too bad he seems a bit tied up at the moment…”

“You’re going to PAY for that!” Harry snarled, yanking his bound wrists forward so hard the canopy of the bed rattled. “I’m going to fuck you into next week, Longbottom!”

Chuckling, Remus whispered something into Neville’s ear, and the boy nodded vigorously with an evil grin. Before Harry could demand to know what was going on, Remus and Neville had pounced on him and were flipping him over onto his stomach, his wrists sliding cooperatively in the slippery fabric of the still-knotted tie. Neville wriggled underneath Harry while Remus pushed Harry up on his knees and slid a test finger inside him.

“He’s ready,” Neville snickered darkly, adjusting his position so that his cock was rubbing right behind Harry’s balls. Remus used his free hand to stroke Neville’s cock, circling his thumb over the slick head. “Trust me.”

Neville was right indeed, and Remus obligingly moved his hand to Harry’s hips and slid him down firmly onto Neville.

“About fucking time,” Harry groaned, sitting up and sliding his knees apart to take Neville deeper. Remus watched with hooded eyes as Neville urged Harry’s hips up, then pushed him back down hard, just enjoying the view as he gave his own erection a few slow strokes. After another moment of aesthetic appreciation, Remus leaned forward to lay a finger against Neville’s cock so that Harry came down over both.

“What…” Harry looked over his shoulder at Remus as best he could while still bound, and Remus smiled with a lot of teeth as he added a second finger alongside Neville’s cock thrusting into Harry.

“Looks like you’ve been losing more wrestling matches than winning, eh, Harry?” Remus teased as Harry’s already-stretched hole accepted the added width readily. Remus pulled his fingers away and threw a knee over Neville hips to edge his cock up close to Neville’s. “Good thing too.”

Wrapping arms around Harry’s chest to hold him steady, Remus pushed into Harry alongside Neville in a series of brutal, shallow thrusts. Whimpering, Harry stiffened in Remus’ arms, but the werewolf didn’t stop, merely lapped at the sweat gathering in Harry’s collarbone and ordered him quietly to relax. Entire body trembling, Harry let out a deep breath and slumped against Remus’ chest, and Remus gave a final shove to sheath himself entirely in Harry, cock pressed tightly against Neville’s.

“Fuck,” Neville said softly, eyes wide. He gave a tentative shift with his hips, and the slide of their cocks inside Harry made Remus hiss air through his teeth. Harry gave a weak moan.

“God yes,” Remus breathed, flexing his thighs to give a real push that made Harry and Neville both cry out. Dropping a hand to curl around Harry’s cock, Remus closed his eyes and began to thrust in earnest, drinking in the helpless noises pouring from Harry’s open mouth, and heated curses from Neville’s.

Neville gave a harsh cry and slumped back against the pillows, and Remus dimly felt him slip out of Harry. Letting go of Harry’s chest for a moment, Remus reached forward to wrench the slipknot of the tie loose, freeing Harry’s wrists to fall to the bed on either side of Neville. Unsupported by either Neville or Remus, Harry tipped forward and caught himself on his elbows.

“S’fucking brilliant,” Neville whispered, and Remus saw him pull Harry down by the hair for a kiss as he pounded Harry’s arse mercilessly, still wanking Harry hard.

“Come for me, you little brat,” Remus ordered, panting, and Harry finally spilt over his hand and Neville’s chest, and Neville’s kiss couldn’t swallow all of the high keening that accompanied it.

Both hands free to grip Harry’s hips, Remus forced him to just the right angle and gave up control, burying himself deep in Harry’s come-slicked arse and letting the fire of his orgasm pour out of him.

Harry’s arms gave out when Remus stopped supporting his own weight, and Neville gave a grunt as both of the others fell on top of him. All three of them lay in a sweaty, gasping, sexed-out heap, too exhausted too feel anything at all for at least a few minutes.

The door slammed open suddenly, and Remus didn’t have to turn his head to know it was Molly storming in, not that he would have moved even if he’d had the energy.


“Fuck off,” Remus, Harry, and Neville said in unison.

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