Harry Potter, Petal to the Metal

Title: Petal to the Metal [Harry/Neville]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for a floral blowjob and some fumbly first time.
Summary: Harry likes Neville’s romantic side.
A/N: Written for Marks, who taught me about the woobie love.

Petal to the Metal

Harry stumbled into Gryffindor Tower exhausted and mud-soaked from a rather frustrating Quidditch practice, wanting nothing more than steaming shower water and a soft bed. He glanced down and saw a single rose petal at his feet.

A few steps further, and Harry noticed another petal, then a few more on the way to the stairs. He followed them up the staircase at increasing intervals, by now laughing at whatever hapless Gryffindor’s girlfriend was bent on a romantic evening. Probably some overenthusiastic Third Year…

“Hmm,” Harry said when the petals stopped at the Sixth Years’ door. Hoping he wasn’t about to see more of Hermione than he was prepared for, Harry pushed open the door cautiously, but found only the continued trail of rose petals with no roommates in sight. Setting down his broom and shrugging off his mud-spattered Quidditch robes, Harry noted with growing curiosity that the petal trail seemed to lead right to his bed.

Harry continued following the petals right up to his bed, smiling in spite of his exhaustion when he saw the petals strewn across his sheets and pillows. A blush crept over his cheeks and he glanced around for his herbologically gifted boyfriend.

“Nev?” he called. “Neville, it’s all very romantic, you can come out now!”

“What?” Neville’s head popped up from the other side of Harry’s bed. He glanced at Harry’s face, then down at the bed, and burst out laughing. Cheeks turning even darker red, Harry demanded just what was so funny, Neville held up a rather mangled rose bush.

“I was bringing it in to preserve some spell components,” Neville explained, still laughing, “and it was dropping petals all over the place, so I was trying to hurry, but then I tripped right next to your bed, and…” Neville tossed a few petals in the air for explanation. Harry started to laugh finally as well.

“I thought you…” Harry shook his head. “Never mind, I must be more tired than I thought. I’m going to grab a shower.”

Ten minutes later, Harry was leaning on the wall in the shower, happily letting the hot water sluice over his stiff muscles and trying to work up the initiative to shampoo his hair. Suddenly strong fingers were massaging his shoulders and Harry gave a blissful sigh.

“It occurs to me,” Neville murmured in Harry’s ear, “that it wouldn’t kill me to be a bit more romantic.”

“We’ve been dating for barely three weeks, Nev,” Harry chuckled. “I don’t think the romance is dead quite yet. But if you insist…wash my hair?”

Neville laughed and complied, massaging the mud and grass out of Harry’s tangled mop of hair.

“Ooh, Harry,” Neville teased, “you know what it does to me when you have plants in your hair.”

“It’s all for you, baby,” Harry laughed, wriggling around in Neville’s grip to kiss him. Neville pressed him against the wall of the shower, coaxing his lips open and running his tongue along Harry’s until shampoo suds slid down Harry’s face and over their lips.

“Bleah!” they both exclaimed at once, and Harry quickly rinsed his head off under the spray while Neville gargled the taste out of his mouth.

“Maybe that’s a sign that you should be doing something more entertaining with your mouth,” Harry said, but he didn’t expect Neville to give a wicked grin before dropping quickly, but carefully, to his knees in front of Harry.

Harry sagged against the tiles when Neville wrapped lips around his head and ran his tongue across the little indentation on the underside of Harry’s cock. Warm sparks shot through Harry as he watched Neville begin sucking him off in earnest, his cock slipping in and out between wet, pink lips. The sparks doubled when Neville looked up and caught Harry’s gaze, his eyes dark with arousal. Harry stroked Neville’s hair in encouragement, trying not to thrust or wriggle too much. It wasn’t long before Harry was moaning Neville’s name and spilling over his tongue, then slumped, spent, against the wall.

“Mmm,” he sighed, his whole body feeling pleasant and heavy. Neville, nuzzling the crease of Harry’s thigh, asked if there was anything else he might want. “You,” Harry answered, and Neville looked up with raised eyebrows. “Want you in me.”

Neville struggled back to his feet, slipping on the slick floor and grabbing for Harry’s hand. They both nearly took a spill, but Harry gave a sharp tug and righted them both at the last second, grunting as Neville slammed him into the tile from the momentum.

“Sorry,” Neville said sheepishly. Harry murmured that there were worse things and slid arms around Neville’s neck to pull him in for a kiss. “You’re shivering,” Neville commented, sliding lips over Harry’s jaw.

“You’re tickling!” Harry protested, laughing. “But I am a bit cold, we’ve been in here for a while…”

“C’mon,” Neville kissed Harry quickly before flipping off the water and tugging him out of the shower. “There’s a warm bed calling our names.”

Harry blushed when Neville took the towel out of his hands and dried him off carefully, but preened under the attention, and he didn’t hesitate to return the favor. Neville shivered a little himself when wandering hands lingered over his erection.

Back in the dormitory, they glanced around to make sure they were still alone before slipping quickly into Neville’s bed. Neville grabbed his wand off his night table and then tugged the hangings shut in case anybody came in.

“Silencing Charm,” Harry said, running fingers over Neville’s hand and across the base of the smooth, dark wood. “Good idea.”

“Actually—Lumos—I just wanted to see you.”

Neville knew that Harry was blushing despite the bluish light and, after slipping his wand safely under his pillow, pulled Harry close. He kissed him and ran hands down his back until they rested on Harry’s arse. Neville squeezed gently and Harry shivered again, a soft whimper slipping out of his throat.

“Harry,” Neville whispered, brushing lips across Harry’s ear, “what you said before, you don’t have to if you don’t want. I mean, I know you haven’t…”

“No, I want,” Harry tugged Neville over on top of him and snuggled happily into the warmth. “I want you.”

Neville grinned and slid a hand back under his pillow to produce a small tube. Harry raised an eyebrow and grinned.

“Well,” Neville cleared his throat, “ought to be prepared after all…”

Harry asked what he should do, which is when it came to light that Neville had never done this before either. Between the two of them, they fumbled through some preparation for long enough that Harry’s erection was back in full force by the time he said he thought he might be ready. Neville wasn’t sure if boys could manage sex face to face, but said they should try it so he could see if he was hurting Harry.

“I’ll stop if you want, just say.” Neville was crouched above Harry, chewing on his lower lip.

“I know, you’ve said half a dozen times already.” Harry reached up to sooth Neville’s abused lip with his thumb. “Go on, Nev.”

Neville took a deep breath and gave a shaky grin when Harry put a steadying hand over his own and helped guide his cock to Harry’s hole. Taking a deep breath, Harry struggled to relax as Neville pushed his tip inside.

“All right?” Neville asked, worried. Harry squeezed his eyes shut and nodded, telling Neville to keep going. Neville pushed slowly, but then something gave and Neville slipped much further inside. Harry’s eyes flew open and he sucked in a harsh breath. Just as Neville was about to ask if they should stop, Harry spoke.

“You’re…inside me.” Harry stared up at Neville with wide eyes.

“Does it hurt?” Neville asked, trying to hold very still.

“No, it’s…it’s weird…” Harry clearly was at a loss for words. “I’m kind of stretched…I think I like it.”

“Oh.” Neville looked at Harry a moment before wrapping a hand around Harry’s cock and squeezing. He slid his own cock back just a tiny bit before pushing further inside Harry. Harry’s mouth fell open and he moaned a little. “How about now?”

“I think I like it a lot,” Harry smiled, pushing up into Neville’s hand.

Neville stroked Harry harder, and Harry encouraged him with sighs and pants, arching into his grip which had the side benefit of driving Neville deeper into him.

“Harry,” Neville gasped after a minute or two, “you’re so tight, I don’t think I can…”

“Please, Nev,” Harry said, clutching at Neville’s back, “want you to.”

Neville gave a few more uneven thrusts before Harry felt heat fill him, the sensation so surprisingly hot that he jerked in Neville’s grasp and came himself, clinging desperately to Neville.

“So the rose petals were a good idea then?” Neville asked when they were snuggled warmly under his blankets.

“Yes,” Harry laughed sleepily, “too bad they weren’t your idea…”

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