Harry Potter, A Few Of My Favorite Things

Title: A Few Of My Favorite Things [Harry/Ron/Hermione]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for threesome.
Summary: Harry thinks there’s a lot of things to love about spring.

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Harry dusted the last crumbs of his sandwich off his hands and lay back in the grass with a sigh of contentment.

“You know what I like most about spring?” he said. Ron and Hermione exchanged a glance over top of him. Ron smirked and crooked a finger, and Hermione leaned over Harry to have her ear whispered in, her thigh pressing down the grass next to Harry’s cheek right where her skirt was bunched up underneath her.

She gave a little squeak of surprise when Harry tilted his head just a bit to lick the outside of her thigh, nudging her hem up even higher with his tongue. Hermione sighed and leaned in more when Harry rolled a little to the side to nibble her skin in earnest. Taking advantage of her slightly parted lips, Ron reached up to hold her chin before kissing her. Hermione responded to the soft swipe of his tongue by sucking it into her mouth.

Rolling completely onto his side, Harry was working his tongue up the side of Hermione’s thigh steadily and had slipped one hand up the side of her other thigh underneath her skirt. He brushed the skin just underneath the elastic of her panties with his fingertips and Hermione bit down on Ron’s tongue unexpectedly.

“Ow!” Ron pulled away, and Hermione’s giggles turned to a moan as Harry worked fingers and tongue up even higher. Smiling placatingly, Hermione reached over with one hand to tug Ron’s zipper out of the way and slipped a hand inside, massaging his swelling erection through his underwear.

Leaning down to whisper something in Harry’s ear, Hermione wriggled out from underneath him and crawled towards Ron on hands and knees. Ron leaned back onto his elbows and watched her cross the few feet of space that separated them. He lifted his hips obligingly when Hermione tugged his jeans and underwear out of way, swallowing when Hermione licked her lips deliberately before taking him into her mouth.

What really made his breath catch though, was the sight of Harry coming up behind Hermione, jeans already undone and stroking himself to full hardness. Harry met Ron’s eyes as he pushed Hermione’s skirt up over her arse and tugged her panties to the side before positioning himself at her entrance. At Harry’s wordless nod, they both thrust into Hermione, and the vibration of Hermione’s moan went right to Ron’s balls.

Ron fell to his back so he could tangle fingers into Hermione’s hair, tugging her head into the rhythm he liked, he lifted his head just enough to see Harry’s fingers digging into Hermione’s thighs as he pounded into her roughly, eyes squeezed shut and head thrown back. Hermione’s whimpers were massaging his entire shaft as tongue and lips sucked Ron in deeper, and then she caught the perfect angle and Ron felt his head bump the back of her throat. Arching off the ground, Ron let his head thump back onto the grass as he came, the flex of Hermione’s throat milking him until he thought he might pass out.

His body was still humming when he heard Harry groan his release, and opened his eyes to see Harry gasping for air against Hermione’s back. Hermione ground against Ron’s leg, the heat soaking even through the denim, and when she moaned “god, Ron, please,” Ron quirked an eyebrow at Harry and got a wink in return.

Together they rolled Hermione off Ron and onto her back in the grass, Ron scootching down until his face was even with Harry’s right above Hermione’s crotch. Her skirt was still bunched around her waist, and when she spread her legs it the skin between them was flushed and slick. Harry and Ron lowered their heads at the same time to press their mouths against Hermione, sharing a sloppy open mouth kiss, tongues twining with each other as they circled Hermione’s clitoris. Ron tasted Harry thickly over Hermione’s usual flavor and pressed against her harder, licking as though it was the best thing he’d ever tasted.

Harry caught at Ron’s hand and brought it up near their lips, sliding two of Ron’s fingers into Hermione along with his own, both of them gasping at how wet and hot she was, but Hermione’s desperate moans drowned both of them out.

She arched suddenly, thrusting wildly against Ron and Harry’s tongues and fingers, and Ron moaned as well at the feel of her body convulsing from the inside out, twisting his fingers together with Harry’s. Harry kissed Ron again, slowly, thoroughly, as Hermione went limp beneath them, and Ron thought that the only thing that might be better than Harry’s taste on Hermione’s lips was Hermione’s on Harry’s.

“I like that a lot too, Harry,” Hermione said after a few moments. “But it’s hardly seasonal.” Harry gave Ron a wink as he settled his cheek on Hermione’s thigh as a pillow.

“I was going to say daffodils, actually.”

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  • By Jacquesnesha Robinson-Bouie, 2010.11.10 @ 3:32 pm

    I luh-ved it! U r awesome at this I’m hoping to read some more things lyke this I can’t wait! Give mi the heads up wen ur going 2 do another I want 2 b the first 2 read it! Ah-gain I say this was ah-mazing! I hope ur doing another if u don’t I mite just DIE! I can nawt wait hit mi up as soon as its ready. This is Jacquesnesha saying I heart u and this story!

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