Harry Potter, The Warm Fuzzies

Title: The Warm Fuzzies [Sirius/Peter]
Rating/Warnings: R, it’s smut obviously
Summary: Sirius and Peter spend a little quality time.
AN: i’m just under the wire for short, but here it is. Inspired by an accidental bit of Sirius/wormtail that happened in my RPG (sorry, blacknarcissus2!). huzzah for 1000 watchers!

The Warm Fuzzies

Sirius expected the dorm to be empty when he got back from his shower. He had just seen Remus in the common room, James had stayed after Quidditch practice, saying he wanted to fly late and think about some stuff, and Sirius hadn’t seen Peter since classes.

He was tugging his Puddlemere jersey over his head on his way to his bed when he noticed that the dormitory wasn’t as deserted as he had thought. On Peter’s bed, a dejected ball of grey fur let out a little sigh.

Sirius sat down on the edge of Peter’s bed.

“James still not speaking to you?” he asked. The rat sneezed forlornly. “Don’t worry, Wormy, he’ll come around. He knows you didn’t really mean to be in that closet with Lily, he’ll get over it. He’s out flying right now, the wind should reinflate his ego in no time.”

Wormtail didn’t seem convinced; he laid his head back down on his paws and sighed again. Sirius felt for the poor bastard, it was no secret that Evans would sleep with Dumbledore long before she would even consider James, it wasn’t Peter’s fault by any means. Sirius remembered how being skritched as Padfoot always made him feel better, so he reached over and rubbed behind Wormtail’s ears.

At first Wormtail stiffened up, but then after a minute he went limp again. Encouraged, Sirius petted him more firmly, running fingertips down the rat’s spine. After a few moments, Wormtail relaxed even more, his eyes fluttering half-shut.

“I mean it, don’t worry,” Sirius said, feeling rather relaxed himself, continued petting Wormtail, and when Wormtail rolled over onto his side, Sirius slid his fingers down to scratch the rat’s belly without thinking about it very hard. When Wormtail rolled over onto his back completely Sirius rolled fingers over his fur from throat to the base of his tail without hesitation.

The rat squeezed his eyes shut in pleasure, curling his paws up and grinding his teeth loud enough for Sirius to hear.

Suddenly, both Sirius and Wormtail seemed to realize that something was a bit weird. All at once it was Peter on his back underneath Sirius’ hand. After a moment of silence, a flush crept up to cover Peter’s face.

“Sorry,” Peter said miserably. “You can stop.”

“What if…” Sirius worried at his bottom lip, flexing his fingers a little against Peter’s chest. “…what if I don’t want to?”

Peter cleared his throat, the blush across his cheeks deepening.

“James isn’t mad at me because of Lily,” Peter said. He reached up to stroke the back of Sirius’ hand with his fingertips. “It’s because I told him why I don’t want Lily.”

Sirius was about to ask for specifics when Peter used his other hand to take a fistful of Sirius’ shirt and yank him down against his body. He managed a short “Eep!” before Peter covered Sirius’ lips with his own.

Sirius had to break the kiss to gasp for air as Peter arched and brushed his erection against Sirius’ thigh.

“Actually,” Peter smirked, running his tongue over his swollen lower lip, “he’s really angry because of who I said…”

Sirius cut off further unnecessary explanation by sucking Peter’s lower lip into his mouth as he slipped hands in between to unbutton Peter’s shirt, and Peter flopped back down on the bed, eyes falling closed. When Sirius reached the bottom of Peter’s shirt and just kept on unbuttoning right down his trousers, Peter began grinding his teeth again.

“You spend too much time furry,” Sirius laughed, running thumbs over the creases of Peter’s thighs.

“Says the man who’s currently humping my leg,” Peter grinned, opening one eye to peer at Sirius. He reached up and slipped his hands underneath Sirius’ jersey, and Sirius flexed his back up into the smooth brush of Peter’s fingers down his spine.

Sliding his hands around to the front of Sirius’ trousers, Peter flipped open his flies and ran a knuckle up Sirius’ cock, making both of them suck in breaths.

“Off,” Sirius hissed. “Off now, you too, right now!”

Sirius rolled off Peter and they both wriggled down trousers in a rather clumsy way; Peter kicked both pairs off the bed while Sirius tugged off his jersey and tossed that to the floor as well. There was a pause as both boys stared at each other, unsure where to pick up.

Sirius grinned recklessly and reached over to grasp Peter’s cock, making Peter throw back his head.

“All right?” Sirius asked, and Peter made a noise that sounded rather like “Nunnngha”, which he took to be positive. The texture of Peter’s cock fascinated him as he watched it slide through his fingers, soft skin stretched over rockhard muscle, the blood pulsing through it against his hand.

Peter covered Sirius’ hand with his own, pushing just that much harder, and squeezing right there, and Peter made the “nunnngha” noise again and spilled over both of their hands. Peter went limp, his forehead falling against Sirius’ shoulder, and gave a soft sigh. Without thinking, Sirius lifted a hand to smooth the hair out of Peter’s eyes.

When his breathing slowed, Peter looked up at Sirius, cheeks still flushed.

“Can I…” Peter trailed the backs of his fingers against Sirius’ cock.

“Can you?” Sirius moaned, thrusting into his touch. “If you don’t do something soon, I’m going to kill you!”

What he hadn’t expected was for Peter to plant a quick kiss on his lips before shimmying down his body and wrapping his mouth around Sirius’ cock, all in one smooth motion. Collapsing onto his back, Sirius forgot how to do anything but arch and moan and, after not so very long, come hard into Peter’s mouth.

“Well,” Peter said when they were snuggled together, satiated and with the stickiness charmed away, “James is going to be less than thrilled when he hears about this.”

“He won’t be speaking to any of us when he hears what I saw Remus doing to Evans in the common room,” Sirius assured him with a wicked grin.

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