Harry Potter, A Shocking Protest

Title: A Shocking Protest
House: Hufflepuff for a change
Words: 100
Characters: Arthur and Molly Weasley
A/N: *pats Arthur condescendingly*

A Shocking Protest

“You go as a Muggle every year!” Molly snapped. “You’re going to go as something different and that’s final!”

“But dear…” Arthur protested.

“If you say another word,” Molly interrupted, “I’m going to plug up your mouth!”

Something sparked in Arthur’s eyes.


There was a moment of silence as 12 Grimmauld Place took in Arthur’s costume. He’d charmed himself brown all over, even his skin, and three metal bars stuck straight up from his head. A brown cord trailed behind him like a tail.

“Molly tell you to plug up?” Tonks finally laughed.

“Not what I meant,” Molly sniffed.

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