Harry Potter, Isn’t It Ironic

Title: Isn’t It Ironic
Characters: Hagrid and his Special friend
Challenge: Eye ain’t got No Body
A/N: Hagrid’s missing bit is his wand, if you can’t tell…there’s nothing explicit here so I didn’t cut-tag it, somebody give me a holler if you think i ought to…

Isn’t It Ironic

“It’s a heavy bit o’ irony in it, ain’ it?” Hagrid mused out loud, the thrusting punctuating his words in odd places. His companion grunted painfully.

“I mean,” Hagrid continued, “You had me kicked out o’ Hogwarts cause o’ what You-Know-Who done, and now I got you here cause o’ what you did for You-Know-Who.”

He received no response, but kept going anyways. Sex evidently drew out the philosopher in Hagrid.

“An’ then, you snapped my wand, an’ now I’m…well. Jus’ funny, is all.”

Face-down on all fours in an Order interrogation room, Cornelius Fudge failed to appreciate the irony.

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