Harry Potter, Left Out

Title: Left Out [Sirius/Remus/Harry]
Rating/Warnings: R. Uh, sex? oral mostly. Some Voyeurism.
Summary: Sirius isn’t, much as he’d like to be.
AN: for the Fantasy Challenge, froda_baggins requested: SB/RL/HP: Sub!Sirius and experienced!Harry/Remus…maybe HP/RL established?. This turned out a bit darker than you may have wanted, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. IS it fanon that werewolves have hairy knuckles? too bad now, cause there it is. Listen folks, I’m diseased.

Left Out

Being dead did tend to fool with your mind a little, but Sirius was still sure that something funny was going on with Remus and Harry. Not funny like waking up suddenly in the middle of several sets of concentric circles made of salt and blood and some other things Sirius was glad he wasn’t Padfoot to smell.

More funny like Remus hugging Harry more than Sirius when Sirius managed to get arms around them both.

Wrinkling his brow, Sirius shifted Harry deftly aside and bent his head to Remus, but Remus scrunched an eyebrow and glanced at Harry. Ignoring him and his damn eyebrow, Sirius kissed him soundly. About time somebody taught the boy the facts of life.

It wasn’t like Remus had been hesitant to jump back into Sirius’ bed, or anything serious like that. It was just that he and Harry seemed to be sharing a lot of looks, and laughing at a lot of jokes that Sirius hadn’t quite caught, and disappearing at the same time…

Sirius decided the best course of action would be to corner Harry alone, judging him to be the easiest prey, and make him spill whatever it was. Shouldn’t take more than a casual application of godfatherly force.

Fortunately, Sirius was already in a foul mood when the full moon rolled around because Remus had refused to let him come along when he locked himself in the basement, and so he was more than happy to have a go at Harry alone.

Harry was sitting in his room, on his bed, swinging his feet back and forth a little, staring cheerfully off into space when Sirius charged into his room. It had not escaped Sirius’ notice that Harry had been a little…odd of late, but he seemed to be getting on all right. More or less.

“I want to know what’s going on with you and Remus,” Sirius demanded without preamble. Harry glanced up at him and smiled in greeting as though he were surprised to see him, as though he had not heard Sirius stomp up the stairs, thump into the room, and slam the door behind him.

“We’re fucking,” Harry answered, swinging his feet some more.

“You…” Sirius blinked a few times. “You are not!”

“Are so,” Harry cocked his head to one side curiously. “Didn’t you know?”

“Of course not!” Sirius roared. “What d’you think I’m asking you for! I thought you were talking about me!” Sirius sat down hard on the bed next to Harry, feeling confused and hurt. And as though he weren’t the center of the universe, which was just wrong.

“We do a lot,” Harry reassured, patting Sirius’ hand. “Usually when we’re not fucking.”

Sirius made a strangled noise and put his head in his hands.

By the time Remus had woken up the next morning, Sirius had gone from hurt to upset to just plain angry because it was simpler, and he was sitting on the end of Remus’ bed with his feet tucked under him just waiting for the damn slut werewolf to open his beady little eyes.

“Oh god,” Remus croaked when he finally did.

“You’ve been fucking my godson!” Sirius shouted.

“Please go away,” Remus moaned, trying to pull his blanket up over his face. Sirius yanked it viciously out of his fingers.

“I was gone for five minutes…” he continued.

“Five minutes?!” Remus interrupted. “Try three years!”

“…and you’re fucking Harry!” Sirius just kept getting louder and louder. “How long did you wait before seducing the kid, you pervert, ten minutes?!”

“Do you have any idea what it’s like to survive one of your grand exits?” Remus said coldly, wincing as he pulled himself to a sitting position. “You were gone and we missed you, and Harry was there, and it wasn’t as if he didn’t start it…”

“Start it?!” Sirius squinched his eyes shut in fury. “Was he even legal?!”

“You know, he’s not exactly right,” Remus snapped. “The whole Voldemort business did some things to him, and he just…he was angry all the time and irrational and…well, a lot like you really, and…”

“So all of us angry nutjobs are pretty much interchangeable, is that what you’re saying?!”

“Hello,” Harry said from the doorway, coming in calmly as though there was not a screaming match going on. “I’ve brought you tea.”

“Pour it on Sirius’ head,” Remus grumbled, flopping back down. Harry eyed Sirius with a look that was just a whit too vacant to be mischievous, and Sirius stopped him with a black glare.

Ignoring Sirius and his scowl, Harry flopped his careless teenage self onto the mattress beside Remus, somehow managing not to spill the tea in his left hand, and leaned against the headboard. Sirius watched in stony silence as Harry coaxed Remus into rolling back over and sitting up enough to take the tea, one hand stroking Remus’ hair out of his face with a familiarity that nettled Sirius something fierce.

“Thank you, Harry,” Remus murmured as he finished the tea and set the mug aside on the bedside table, earning a pleased grin from Harry, who then wriggled himself down along Remus’ body to throw an arm over his chest and nuzzle his neck, and that was the straw that broke the Padfoot’s back.

“I’m right here, you know!” he snarled at them, wishing he could cross his arms even more than they were already crossed to demonstrate his overwhelming disapproval.

Remus narrowed his eyes, but Harry sat up on his knees with interest and tipped himself forward onto his hand to crawl the last foot or so to Sirius. Too surprised to stop him, Sirius sat with his eyes open stupidly while Harry kissed him. Grabbing Harry’s shoulders and pushing him back, Sirius looked past the boy’s shoulder to see Remus eyeing them with…intrigue?

“What…?” Sirius wasn’t sure whether he was asking Remus or Harry.

“You looked left out.” Harry twisted his head around to glance at Remus. “Look, Remus doesn’t mind.”

“Remus should be getting his rest,” Sirius said weakly, mostly because he wanted to escape so he could work out what the sod was going on around here.

“You know Remus will sleep better if we help him out a little,” Harry wriggled closer to whisper in Sirius’ ear, “he told me, you know, how you used to sneak up to the infirmary in the morning in my father’s Cloak. Sometimes I wear it to remind him…”

“Stop!” Sirius swallowed, closing his eyes, and tried to stop his heart’s rabbitting. “Just…just stop. You’re…I can’t…”

But Harry was already kissing him again, making his head spin, and then Sirius was being tugged forward and positioned alongside Remus. When he opened his eyes, Remus was staring down at him with an expression that wasn’t quite arousal and wasn’t quite pity.

“Moony?” Sirius whispered, clenching fingers in Remus’ shirt because Remus was solid and not confusing.

“I told you he wasn’t right,” Remus sighed, reaching over to tilt Sirius’ head up for a kiss. Sirius pressed against Remus desperately rather than contemplate Harry’s warmth against his back or the agile fingers undoing his shirt buttons. When Remus broke the kiss, Sirius shook his head and refused to open his eyes, pressing his forehead into Remus’ shoulder.

“Harry,” he heard Remus’ voice above his head, low and soothing, “I don’t think that Sirius…”

“We’ve brought him back,” Harry interrupted, “and he belongs with us,”

and Sirius shivered against Remus because it sounded so much like Prongs demanding that he stop pissing about because there was no question that Sirius was going to cave in the end and being a girl about it wouldn’t help.

Sirius felt fingers comb through his hair, rubbing his scalp, and he pretended they were Remus’ even though that made the knuckles brushing his bared chest of questionable ownership. Letting his eyes open reluctantly, Sirius glanced down across the disheveled blankets to see that in spite of everything, Remus was hard.

That he knew what to do about.

“Sirius?” Remus asked when Sirius began to slide down, and Sirius paused to look up and meet concerned brown eyes, and that cleared Sirius’ head a little more because dammit the only person Remus should worry about the morning after a full moon was himself, and Sirius would think about the rest of this…event…later.

“I don’t mind watching for now,” Harry said, and Sirius couldn’t stop himself from looking up again as he pulled blankets aside and settled between Remus legs, the sight of Harry settling in next to Remus and undoing his trousers making Sirius’ stomach twist. He tore his gaze away as quickly as if his eyes had been burned, but not before he caught a flash of Harry’s hardening cock sliding into his hand.

Better to focus on Remus’ cock, hot and familiar, filling the space between Sirius’ tongue and the roof of his mouth perfectly, sharp hips fitting perfectly into Sirius’ palms. Remus’ soft groan cut off wetly, and Sirius knew he’d see Harry’s mouth covering Remus’ if he looked, maybe his hand smoothing back the grey-streaked hair, so he didn’t look, he focused on the coarse hair brushing the tip of his nose, filled with hot pride because he hadn’t lost his knack for this quite yet, Azkaban or no Azkaban, or Grimmauld Place, or Veil.

A hand slipped into the hair on the back of Sirius’ head, long fingers twisting sharply in just the right way, just the right place where Sirius’ skull met his neck, and Sirius moaned around Remus. Sirius let Remus slip back out of his mouth a little, desperate for the old patterns, until the fingers yanked harder, demanding closer and faster, and Sirius dug fingers into Remus’ hips in relief.

“Sirius, god, Sirius,” he heard Remus murmur above him, and he ground his own cock into the mattress beneath him as Remus came sharp across his tongue. He was licking the last of it off Remus’ head when another gasp brought his attention up to see Harry coming over his own hand, head thrown back and biting his lip hard enough to draw blood.

Trapped motionless in indecision, Sirius wanted desperately to crawl and curl up beside Remus, but he didn’t want to move any closer to Harry, flushed and heaving for breath and too fucking pretty, and Sirius’ cock was throbbing underneath him.

“Sirius,” Remus said again, softly, watching him from under half-closed lids, the fingers wrapped in Sirius’ hair tugging gently now, and Sirius fairly ached with the need to be wrapped around Remus. He started moving the same time Harry reached for him again, and Sirius let himself be tucked in beside Remus.

Wrapping arms around Remus, Sirius clung to him gratefully, dimly aware of Harry moving around to slide in between his legs. Sirius looked down at Harry squarely only once, long enough to see his best friend’s son with his hair in his eyes and Sirius’ cock in his hand give a wide grin and say,

“I don’t want you left out,”

and then Sirius kissed Remus so he wouldn’t see any more. Remus gathered him close as hot lips slid over his cock, fingers brushing his waist that were cold instead of warm and smooth skin brushing his thighs where there should have been stubble, but the knuckles that smoothed against his cheek were rough with hair.

It was strange to be kissed softly, almost in apology, while someone was sucking you off, and Sirius kissed back as though he were trying to crawl up inside Remus where it was safe and familiar, and ridiculous stupid bizarre things didn’t demolish your life into bits one after another after another after another after another, and then Sirius lost his train of thought as the bottom dropped out of his stomach and he came in his godson’s mouth.

Sirius’ lone moment of peace faded out as soon as Harry wriggled in between Remus and Sirius, settling his head happily next to Remus’ on the pillow. Sirius looked from Remus’ tired brown eyes to Harry’s fever-bright green, and twisted off the bed as fast as he could. Heedless of lost shirt and undone trousers, Sirius tore out of the room and slammed the door behind him, leaning back against the rough wood, chest heaving. Over the pounding of his heart, he heard Harry’s stage-whispered,

“Don’t worry, he’s ours,”

and then Sirius fled down the hall.

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