Harry Potter, Roommate Assistance

Title: Roommate Assistance [Neville/Seamus/Dean]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for oral sex, voyeurism
Summary: Neville’s had a rough day. He needs to unwind.
AN: for the Fantasy Fest, quidcaptains requested: Dean/Seamus/Neville in Gryff. dorm-Harry & Ron in hospital wing for Quidditch injuries. D/S (est.rel.) give Neville comfort sex. Bit more voyeuristic than you wanted, probably, but ah well. Sorry for the last second post, between the recent disease and LJ crashing my explorer, it was a near thing.

Roommate Assistance

Neville trudged into the dorm long after lights out and began tiptoeing around Ron’s bed out of habit before he remembered that Ron was in the Infirmary with Harry. Sighing, he let his outdoor things, still damp from the rain during the match, drop to the floor in a heap. Normally, Neville would have hung everything up carefully because he was going to have to wear it all tomorrow whether they were dry or not, but at the moment he couldn’t scrounge up the effort. At least somebody had left a light on for him so he wasn’t tripping over everything in the room.

“How are they?” Dean asked from the bed on the other side of Neville’s. Neville sat heavily on his own bed and rubbed at his eyes with the heels of his hands before answering.

“Ron’s fine,” he said, trying to gather up his scattered thoughts, “he’s just sleeping off the stuff Pomfrey gave him for the extra ear. He’ll be back to normal in the morning.”

“What about Harry?” Seamus’ voice was rough from sleep, and it was a mark of just how tired Neville was that it took him a full minute to realize that Seamus’ voice was coming from Dean’s bed as well.

Sure enough, when Neville turned around and looked properly, he saw they were both on their sides facing him, Dean curled up against Seamus’ back, Dean’s arm thrown over Seamus’ chest and Dean’s calf wedged possessively over his knee.

“S-sorry,” Neville’s face burned, “I didn’t know…I mean, I didn’t mean to…”

“Neville, don’t,” Dean interrupted, sitting up on an elbow so he could see over Seamus better. “Just tell us how Harry is.”

“He’ll be okay too, they think,” Neville let out another shaky sigh. “Pomfrey was worried about more glass bits, but Ginny’s Accio must’ve got them all cause Harry was starting to be able to see us moving around. Just a little, but they said it’s all to expect for now. That’s when they
made me go.”

“Hope they tell that Ravenclaw Beater,” Seamus said around a yawn, “you shoulda seen her, they couldna stop her carrying on and crying about the blood until McGonagall had ta slap her across the face before Flitwick came.”

“Wasn’t her fault,” Neville shrugged with a charity he didn’t feel, “if Harry didn’t wear glasses…Hermione’s going to spell them shatterproof after this, she says Muggles have glass like it, that sticks all together even when it gets broken so shards don’t…don’t…”

Neville suddenly found that he was only a few words from blubbering like a little girl, so he stopped abruptly and tried to take a deep breath.

“Nev, you’re shaking,” Dean peered at him, “are you all right?”

“F-fine,” Neville lied, surprised to find that he was indeed shivering. “Just tired.”

“Here, c’mere,” Seamus motioned him over with a lazy hand. Feeling embarrassed and shaky, Neville slid off his bed and took the several steps over to sit on the edge of Dean’s. His embarrassment doubled when Dean whispered something in Seamus’ ear that made the Irish boy blush and laugh.

“We could help you relax,” Dean offered, “if you don’t think you can sleep.”

Neville looked from one to the other, his heart pounding suddenly as he noticed the slow circles Dean’s fingertips were tracing on Seamus’ abdomen.

“I…” Neville swallowed hard,”…I mean, Harry…”

“You could just watch, if you wanted.” Dean’s low voice made hot prickles run up Neville’s spine and he did want, he wanted very much as his brain filled in images of Dean’s dark fingers pressing into Seamus’ pale skin.

“Yeah,” Neville slid back further onto the end of Dean’s bed so he could lean against a bedpost, “yeah, all right.”

Dean and Seamus exchanged a glance that Neville couldn’t read, and suddenly Seamus wasn’t blushing anymore. Neville had the suspicion that they had done this before, but gave up trying to guess who with when Dean’s lips closed over Seamus’.

The smaller boy sighed and rolled over towards Dean so that he was on his back, Dean putting a hand on either side of him for support as he leaned in to deepen the kiss. Freeing his legs from their previous tangle, Dean dropped a knee in between Seamus’ so that he was straddling his thigh, pressing down in a motion that was too slow to be a rhythm quite yet, but made Neville’s throat dry nonetheless.

When Dean broke the kiss to trail lips down to Seamus’ neck, Seamus’ whimpers went straight to Neville’s cock, which was beginning to strain against his trousers.

“Can I?” Neville asked quietly, meeting Seamus’ eyes and dropping a hand to cup his erection to make his request clear. Seamus nodded, eyes dark with arousal, and murmured ‘yes, yes‘ but Neville had no way of knowing whether it was in response to him or Dean.

Even though he was still fully clothed, Neville felt ridiculously naked as he undid his trousers and pulled his cock out under Seamus’ approving gaze. He gave it a test stroke, feeling self-conscious and more than a little dirty, but the feelings dimmed when Dean pushed up Seamus’ pajama shirt and began twisting one of the pink nipples between his fingertips.

“How much,” Dean asked quietly, and it took Neville a moment to realize that he was being addressed, Dean glancing back over his shoulder, “do you want to see?”

“I…” Neville turned very pink indeed as various options flitted through his mind, finding himself unable to articulate any of them efficiently. Finally, he gave up and shrugged.

“Hmm,” Dean eyed Neville and then Seamus thoughtfully, wetting his lower lip with the tip of his tongue. “How about we start with this…”

Before Neville could even think to wonder what ‘this’ was, Dean was tugging Seamus’ pajama trousers of the way, freeing Seamus’ cock. Seamus was already hard, and he hissed a little when the cold air hit his bare skin. Dean curled a hand around Seamus and fisted him slowly, making him arch, and Neville decided that blood in the brain was overrated as his own stroking went from Testing to Full Speed Ahead Captain.

“Dean!” Seamus whined, but Dean smiled wickedly instead of speeding up, rubbing his thumb over Seamus’ head, and Neville could see that the top was growing slick when Dean’s steady hand tugged his foreskin out of the way.

His own breath sounding harsh in his ears, Neville forced himself to stroke slower as Dean pulled his hand away from a protesting Seamus and licked the pad of his thumb off with obvious enjoyment, because otherwise he might have come from that alone.

That was nothing compared to the sight of Dean sliding down and giving Seamus a slow lick, running his tongue slowly up the shaft, before sucking the tip in between his lips. Neville was the one who whimpered as Seamus clenched the sheets underneath his hands and arched into Dean’s mouth.

At this point Neville realized that slowing down his orgasm any more was essentially impossible, and he gave in and stroked his cock hard and fast. He fought to keep his eyes open as he came in his hand, not wanting to miss a second of the flushed, gasping glory that was Seamus.

Slumped against the bedpost, hand still curled around his softening cock, Neville watched avidly as Seamus moaned and thrust and finally came, and Dean sucked him clean. Neville didn’t even think to be surprised when watching Seamus return the favor elicited a hopeful response from his own cock, despite it’s recent exertion.

“‘Well?” Dean asked lazily while Seamus was licking the last drops off his skin. “Think you’ll sleep now?”

Sliding from the bed and tucking himself back into his trousers, Neville took a moment to stretch before replying.

“I think,” he said finally, “that I might just sneak back up to the Infirmary. Just to, you know, see how Harry is.”

Neville didn’t miss the amused glances Dean and Seamus exchanged as he was slipping back out the door, but he figured they wouldn’t mind too much if he borrowed some of their techniques, for the sake of cheering Harry up.

“This is going to be better than that time with the ties,” Neville murmured to himself.

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