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Harry Potter, Strap Yourself In

You don't cuddle with Draco Malfoy. You strap yourself in and feel the gs.

Harry Potter, Flakes

Sirius likes the snow.

Harry Potter, Choke On It

There's some shouting in the locker room.

Harry Potter, Gone Straight To His Head

Sirius isn't sure how he got into his pants.

Harry Potter, Some Things Never Change

Turns out Percy's been to more Quidditch games than he thought.

Harry Potter, Sirius is Winning a Lot of Money Here Tonight

Sirius thinks Draco is pretty.

Harry Potter, Shouting Match

It was unclear which of them was more surprised.

Harry Potter, Be Impressed That I Remembered Stubby Boardman’s Name

It's all fun and games until somebody gets psychoanalyzed.

Harry Potter, Backing Up Your Threats

Remus puts his foot down with James and Sirius.

Harry Potter, First Time

It didn't turn out quite as Lily and Remus expected.

Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, Heartbreaker

Remus needs to talk to Lily a moment.

Harry Potter, I’m Too Old

Somehow, they got old.

Harry Potter, Lust Potion

Whether this is the worst idea ever is up for debate.

Harry Potter, And Then There’s the After-Party

Lily is the Marauders' first fangirl and also is going to murder Remus.

Harry Potter, Woke Up in the Hospital a Week Later

Oliver doesn't understand what Percy is on about when there's Quidditch to be played.

Harry Potter, Welcome to the Revolution

James asks Peter what he thinks about their girlfriends sleeping together.

Harry Potter, Painting By Numbers

Lily takes great delight in making Sirius do things the Muggle way.

Harry Potter, Last Maraudes of a Triumph

Remus just has to know.

Harry Potter, Rrrrriiiiiiip!

Hermione does not see the need for this.

Harry Potter, Housepets

Motorbikes are not pets, is Remus's opinion.

Harry Potter, Doing Your Duty as a Head Boy

This isn't Harry and Draco's fault.

Harry Potter, Gender Gap

Hermione thinks boys are for losers.

Harry Potter, Avoidance Tactics

Remus is avoiding Harry.

Harry Potter, Morning Person

James hates 7 AM Quidditch practice.

Harry Potter, With the Naked Eye

Sirius has a glitter crisis.

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