Harry Potter, Housepets

Title: Housepets [Remus/Sirius]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Motorbikes are not pets, is Remus’s opinion.
AN: Written for the 24-Hour Ficathon. novembersnow wanted some Remus/Sirius that involves the motorbike.


Remus woke up slowly, noting first that although the rest of his body was quite warm and pleasantly tangled with Sirius’, his nose was freezing. He pried his eyes open to see that everything outside the window of their flat was covered in white. He squeezed his eyes shut against the brightness of it and snuggled back down next to Sirius, pressing his nose into a warm shoulder.

Sirius jerked away from him sleepily and Remus snickered meanly, edging closer again until a slightly-awake Sirius was pressed against the wall.

“Leemelone,” Sirius mumbled, making a fumbling attempt to protect his chest with the blanket.

“Good morning to you too, Padfoot,” Remus grinned, pressing his face into the curve of Sirius’ neck instead.

“Aah!” he yelped, pushing Remus away. “What’re you s’bloody col’ for anway?” he slurred, peering at Remus through half-slit eyes.

“It’s not my fault, idiot, it snowed last night,” Remus answered, sinking back down into the blissfully warm blankets.

Sirius sat bolt up right.

“Snowed!” he demanded. “Oh NO!”

Remus gave a sigh as Sirius launched himself out of bed and scrambled for the door, waving goodbye to his plans to wile away a snowy Saturday morning with sleep and sex.

Shower first, he thought, crawling from their bed and giving one last longing glance at the warm covers. There’s no way I can deal with whatever Sirius is doing before a shower.

After standing under the hot water until his skin was bright pink, fantasizing about the days when the most exciting thing Sirius might do before breakfast was have an erection, Remus bundled himself in the warmest robes he owned and went to their kitchen to make tea.

He was just taking his first sips when he heard the front door bang open and Sirius stumble in, cursing the cold. Suddenly noticing that Sirius’ leather jacket was still hanging on one of the kitchen chairs, Remus gave a sharp reproving snort before taking his tea into the other room.

There was Sirius, rubbing his hands against his arms frantically, clad only in jeans and unlaced boots.

“Are you insane?!” Remus demanded, all but throwing his teacup down on the coffee table and snatching up a blanket from the couch. He threw it around Sirius’ shoulders and rubbed until Sirius could speak words out around chattering teeth.

“I l-l-left her o-o-out in the s-s-snow!” he groaned. Remus wrinkled his brow in confusion, then leaned around to see Sirius’ motorbike sitting on the carpet behind him, dripping all over his rug.

“Sirius!” Remus snapped, now unsure what he was angriest about. “What on earth did you bring the motorbike in here for?!”

“I don’t have a cover for her yet,” Sirius explained, trembling much less than he had been a minute ago. “She was all covered in ice, it’s bad for her leather!”

“Your illegal motorcycle cannot stay in the living room!” Remus exclaimed. “It’s dripping all over my rug!”

“I’ll clean it up, really,” Sirius assured. He took a step towards Remus, but Remus moved away, arms crossed tightly. “It’s only till it stops snowing, then I’ll go get a cover for her, I swear.”

“No!” Remus shook his head. “IT’s a motorcycle, not a pet, and IT cannot stay in our flat!”

“It’s only for a day or two,” Sirius pled, pouting. “You used to think my motorbike was sexy.”

“I used to be seventeen, Sirius!” Remus shouted at him. “Anything can turn on a seventeen-year-old! Flobberworms can!”

Sirius reached out and yanked Remus forward before Remus could stop him, and he ended up with Sirius pressing him into the motorbike, able to feel the chill of the metal even through his robes.

“Please, Moony,” Sirius whispered, kissing Remus’ ear. Remus made a low noise and grabbed Sirius’ shoulders for support. “We’ll just go back to bed and you won’t even know she’s here, hmm?”

Remus was about to snarl another firm ‘no’ when Sirius cut off his reply with his freezing lips and the ‘no’ turned into a moaned ‘yessssssss’.

True to his word, Sirius made sure Remus didn’t see the motorbike in the living room for a good long time.

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