Harry Potter, Shouting Match

Title: Shouting Match [Harry/Remus]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: It was unclear which of them was more surprised.
AN: Written for the 24-Hour Ficathon. cave_canem wanted hurt/comfort Harry/Remus.

Shouting Match

It was unclear whether Harry or Remus was more startled when Harry walked into Remus’ room and began screaming at him.

Harry hadn’t meant to, he’d meant to go in and ask if Remus wanted Molly to do any laundry for him, but then he’d seen Remus sitting there, reading on Sirius’ bed as though nothing had happened, and Harry just snapped.

Harry shouted himself hoarse, screamed at Remus for letting Sirius die, for leaving him here, for not coming to find Harry, for not believing Sirius, for letting his parents die, for everything he could think of, and by the time he got to screaming at Remus for being born, his voice cut out abruptly, and he simply stood there, chest heaving and swallowing painfully.

Remus shouted back, which was even more of a surprise.

He yelled at Harry, stood up and crossed the room and yelled in his face for being an ass and hurting Sirius, and getting him killed, and not killing Voldemort the first time, and not killing Peter when he’d had the chance, and because if he hadn’t been born James and Lily might still be alive, might not have gotten married so young like stupid children and wasted their lives on Dumbledore’s pants cause just to die in the end.

They stood there, neither one of them able to shout any more, chests heaving, Harry’s glasses steamed up from tears and the heat of his face so he yanked them off and threw them across the room.

Then he launched himself at Remus and clung to his chest, shaking all over, and Remus clutched at him because he was shaking too.

And when Harry leaned up and kissed Remus, Remus kissed him back even though he shouldn’t have, because he needed Sirius and Sirius wasn’t here and Harry was enough like Sirius to make it work for now, and he was sick of being the adult here anyway.

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