Harry Potter, And What Long Legs

Title: And What Long Legs
Words: 100
Challenge: Dragons and the Men Who Love Them
Characters: Molly, Arthur, and Charlie’s Dirty Magazines
A/N: Sorry it’s not very squicky, but this made me smile when i thought about it. I’ll work on squickdom, i swear

And What Long Legs

“What are you doing?” Arthur leaned into Charlie’s room.

“He’s got those magazines, Arthur,” Molly pursed her lips, rooting around underneath their teenage son’s mattress.

“Eh?” Arthur looked perplexed

“You know the sort I mean,” Molly sniffed disdainfully. “If the twins should find them, or Ron, just imagine, he’s only a baby…a-HA!”

Molly yanked out a magazine by the corner and brandished it in the air. The predictable three page centerfold shook loose and unfolded itself. Molly shrieked indignantly and refused to look.

“You see what I mean?” she demanded.

“Hmm,” Arthur replied, peering closer. “What a beautiful Chinese Fireball.”

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