Harry Potter, Minimum Requirements

Title: Minimum Requirements
House: Gryffindor
Words: 100
Characters: Ron and Draco from ‘Beg Me For it’ (thanks icarusancalion)

Minimum Requirements

“Do you remember that room at school?” Draco asked randomly. “The one that had whatever you needed?”

“Sure,” Ron answered. “The Room of Requirement. We held DA meetings there. I didn’t know you knew about it.”

“I stumbled upon it,” Draco said. Ron raised an eyebrow. “I was a very sexually tense teenager, you know. I was in desperate need of some relief.”

“So what was in the room, then?” Ron inquired, positive Draco was having him on.

“Nubile virgins,” Draco replied with a perfectly straight face. “Loads of them. Undulating.”

Ron laughed until he thought he’d begun bleeding internally.

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