Harry Potter, It’s For Later

Title: It’s For Later
House: Gryffindor
Words: 100
Characters: Harry/Terry Boot
A/N: Thought I’d try a new pairing for a change. Harry’s getting paid in cigarettes anyhow.

It’s For Later

“What d’you want a picture for?” Harry snapped. “You’re right here, aren’t you?”

“It’s erotic,” Terry stressed each syllable. “And it’s for later, not now, idiot.”

“It’s not even a wizard camera!” Harry exclaimed in exasperation.

“It’s better that way,” Terry insisted, wiggling the Muggle one-step camera coaxingly. “Then all the sex is in your mind, you can’t just watch it, you have to imagine it.”

Harry grunted, but was obviously about to cave in, like always.

“The brain is the biggest sex organ, you know,” Terry smirked. He looked Harry up and down slowly. “Biggest one you’ve got, anyways.”

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