Harry Potter, Hem HEM!

Title: Hem HEM!
Words: 100
Characters: Mcgonagall, Umbridge, and our favorite squiggly friend…
A/N: I bet Fred and George had a hand in this somehow…

Hem HEM!

“What?” Umbridge narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

“It’s only right, you know,” McGonagall continued loftily. “The Squid does protect the school, so it isn’t surprising that he should want to meet each new Headmaster…personally.”

Umbridge glared at all the other professors gathered with her by the lake. They all smiled back professionally.

“It’s not so bad,” McGonagall nudged her closer to the water’s edge. “I rather enjoyed it myself a few years ago. And Dumbledore…well, you know about that man and marine life…”

“Hem HEM!” Umbridge exclaimed as a tentacle slipped out of the water and up her skirt.

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