Harry Potter, Marked by the Dark Lord

Title: Marked By the Dark Lord
Words: 100
Challenge: Voldemort Sex
Characters: Harry and a certain Bald morning person…
A/N: You know how you have those mornings where you wake up and you can’t quite remember what went on the night before (ellen) ? Harry’s got it worse.

Marked By the Dark Lord

Harry woke with a headache and the feeling he’d done something very, very stupid the night before. He glanced around, noting he was in a strange bed, wearing an unbuttoned shirt and one sock. The other had spent the night in his mouth if taste was any indication.

He looked down to see a pale, snakey head whose owner was buried in the blankets. Harry suddenly remembered something about a tattoo. He pushed up his sleeve to reveal the lazily undulating skull and serpent he’d dreaded.

“Morning, lover,” red eyes slitted opened, raked over him.

“Dammit,” Harry snarled. “Not again!”

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