Harry Potter, Gone to the Dogs

Title: Gone to the Dogs
Words: 100
Characters: Sirius, Peter, and a naughty puppy
Challenge: Marauder Beastiality
A/N: Well, it’s almost squick. I’m working on it!

Gone to the Dogs

Sirius furrowed his brow in concentration.

“C’mon,” James whispered. “It’s GOT to work!”

Sirius clenched his fists and squeezed his eyes shut, and then suddenly POP!

James and Peter grinned dumbly at the huge black dog in front of them. The dog snuffled the air for a moment, then the ground, then leaned over to sniff James’ crotch.

“He really is a d—…” James’ laugh was cut short as the dog nosed him harder, more deliberately. Breathing shallowly and red-faced, James pushed him away and Sirius reappeared.

“Sorry,” he smirked. “Dog instincts, you know.”

Peter edged back a step.

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