Harry Potter, What’s On Your Mind

Title: What’s On Your Mind [Remus/Sirius/Bill]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for rimming, Naked Weasleys, and Ye Olde Buttsex
Summary: Harry’s got a little crush on an Order member, and Bill’s starting to think it isn’t a half-bad idea.
AN: Merry Christmas to you, Froda! It was so hard to pick among your options that I combined a few, so I hope you enjoy. You can even imagine some follow-up HarryNeville consoling for the Boy Who Gets The Shaft here, if that makes you smile. Written for the 2004 Smutmas exchange.

What’s On Your Mind

The tea in his mug was definitely not strong enough, given how long he’d gone without sleep, Bill thought. He peered blearily at the slumped teenager at the kitchen table.

The current heir of Gryffindor and 12 Grimmauld Place heaved a sigh that made Bill’s chest hurt, chin propped heavily on his fists.

“Harry,” Bill murmured, moving away from the counter to sit down next to him at the table, “is there something wrong?”

“No,” Harry grunted, slumping further down so that his chin actually struck the tabletop, his hands splayed on either side. He heaved another sigh, this one making the bowl of fruit on the table rattle. “M’fine.”

Bill lifted his mug from the table in case another sigh like that sloshed half the contents over the side, and peered at Harry some more as he took a long sip.

“Want to talk?” he asked, even though he had a good idea what the problem was already. Having watched six siblings in the throes of teenagedom, Bill knew pining when he saw it, and this was a world-class example.

“No.” Harry leaned his head just far enough to the side to glare at Bill. “Go away.”

“Let me guess,” Bill ignored the dismissal, “you’re desperately in love with somebody and they don’t know you’re alive?”

“No,” Harry snapped quickly, but Bill saw the wince.

An Order member, probably? One living in the house?” Bill knew he was prying mercilessly, but he was his mother’s son after all, and it wasn’t like Harry was making it hard to see when Bill scored a direct hit. His eyes were so round that, after being magnified by his glasses, they resembled nothing so much as the headlights on the Anglia.

“Relax, I won’t tell,” Bill assured him, “so who is it? Tonks? Quite a pull, isn’t she, although it’s a bit unnerving how her bits keep moving all around…” Harry continued staring, with no reaction. “No? Ginny, then? She’s always had a bit of thing for you, you know, even if she is my baby sister, s’not like I don’t have eyes…not her either, hmm?”

Bill thought harder, rapidly running out of fit Order members. A sudden thought made him wrinkle his nose.

“Er, it’s not Hermione, right? Not that there’s anything wrong with that…”

Harry gave him such a dirty look that Bill reached up to make sure his eyebrows weren’t singed off. Tugging on his earring thoughtfully, Bill pondered for a few silent moments, long enough that Harry’s guard began dropping.

“Look, it’s nothing, all right?” Harry muttered, turning his face back away. “Just leave it.”

While Bill was plotting his next move, the kitchen door swung open and Remus Lupin came in. He looked no more rested than Bill felt, but he at least was smiling.

“Good morning, Harry, Bill,” he greeted them, then glanced out the window, “or is it afternoon? I’m afraid I’ve lost track.”

“Not sleeping much either?” Bill sympathized, and Remus chuckled.

“No,” Remus admitted, pulling out the bread and setting up to make a few sandwiches, “but at least your lack of sleep is due to important Order business. Mine is due to Sirius banging on that damned motorbike at all hours of the night.”

“Sorry about that,” Bill grimaced. “He should have it fixed by this afternoon, if it makes you feel better.”

“I don’t mind really,” Remus rummaged around in the refrigerator and came up with cold ham and reasonable looking cheese. “Anything that keeps him occupied for more than twenty minutes at a time these days is fine by me. I’m fetching sustenance for the master mechanic as we speak, in fact. Either of you want a sandwich while I’m up?”

“No thanks,” Bill murmured, just as Harry said “Sure,” and Bill was so surprised to hear Harry give a positive response to anything that he glanced over at him. He nearly dropped his mug when he found Harry sitting up in his chair, failing miserably to look casual and tracking Remus’ every movement.

“Oh!” Bill exclaimed without thinking, earning a terrified look from Harry and a question from Remus. “Tea’s hot,” he explained weakly, feeling the flush spread over his nose. Remus, eh? Turns out the Boy Who Was Being Crushed By Unrequited Love had interesting tastes.

Bill considered this development while Remus finished the sandwiches and made small talk. He piled several on a plate to take with him and set another plate in front of Harry, dropping his hand to Harry’s shoulder for a moment before leaving and mentioning that Harry was welcome to come up and see Sirius any time he wanted. Bill would have had to be blind to miss the way Harry’s eyelids fluttered at the touch.

“So,” Bill said after a moment of silence during which Harry picked at his sandwich, “Remus, eh?” Harry’s shoulders stiffened, but he didn’t look up. Bill felt a twinge of pity, but thought he ought to at least try to be supportive lest he scar Harry for life. “Listen, Harry, it’s okay to think about wizards as well as witches at your age –”

“Don’t patronize me,” Harry snarled, the sudden vehemence startling Bill into silence. “I know he’s twice my age and my professor and a werewolf, and I know about him and Sirius too, so just don’t, all right? I know!”

The burst of emotion seemed to have drained Harry of his ennui-battling reserves, and he collapsed his head back on top of his arms on the table. Bill awkwardly reached over to pat Harry on the shoulder.

“Everybody gets crushes on their professors,” Bill assured, then paused at Harry’s raised eyebrow, “although this is a bit of a special case, I’ll admit. The point is, you’ll find someone your own age to fool around with, and you’ll forget all about it.”

He might have said more, but then Kingsley Shacklebolt came roaring through the door about some emergency (which really turned out to be more about Shacklebolt riding to Hestia Jones’ rescue than anything else) and by the time Bill had everything straightened out, Harry was long gone.


“I’ve noticed you watching me,” Remus said, and Bill felt his mouth go dry, and then Remus had him shoved back against the kitchen table and the edge was digging into the backs of his thighs, but Bill didn’t care because Remus’ lips were crushing his and Remus’ fingers were pulling out his ponytail and Remus thigh was pressed between his legs…

Bill came awake gasping and with a raging hard-on.

“Good lord,” he breathed, flopping back down onto his pillows and wondering what the hell had brought that on.

Bill supposed it had been the talk with Harry that morning, and felt more than a little guilty for warning Harry off Lupin and then having lurid fantasies about the man. But on the other hand, it wasn’t like the kid could read minds or anything.

Relaxing as his heart stopped pounding from the dream, Bill slid a hand down to undo the flies of the jeans he hadn’t bothered to take off before collapsing on his bed for the nap. There was no way he could go back to sleep this aroused, and he had a few hours before anyone would need him, barring any more of Shacklebolt’s ’emergencies’.

Bill sighed as he slid his cock out from his jeans, working the trousers down a bit with the other hand so he’d have some room to maneuver. He stroked himself slowly, feeling no need to rush as he sank into one of his favorite fantasies, the one where Fleur Delacour had a dragonskin bikini and a bottle of enchanted tanning lotion. Just when he was getting to the bit where pounding surf did away with most of the bikini, Fleur pulled a Tonks and bits started shifting around. Not like Bill minded, as Tonks had her own series of adventures, but this time the Tonksing didn’t end until Fleur’s bikini was threadbare robes and her long blond hair was short and shot with grey.

“Bill,” Remus said, reaching up to undo the clasp of the robes.

“Fuck!” Bill exclaimed, coming over his hand.

He pondered this turn of events while his breathing slowed and his cock softened in his hand, and in the end decided he would work things out after he’d finished his nap. After the nap, he decided that he’d been exhausted and open to the power of suggestion, Harry’s suggestion in this case, and anyway a bloke isn’t obligated to explain to anybody what he thinks about when he’s wanking.

Glad to have worked things out with himself, Bill changed his clothes and went to see how Sirius was getting on with his motorbike.

“Banged the shit out of him, didn’t you?” Sirius inquired with a grin. He was sprawled on his back underneath the bike, tinkering around with something under the chassis.

“I’m sorry?” Bill blinked. How could Sirius know about…oh, the bike. Right. “Er, yeah, guess so, Death Eater chase and all. And how did you ascertain my bike’s gender, anyway?”

“Well,” said Sirius with authority, twisting his head out from under the bike so that he could sit up, “I have been faffing about in his plumbing for the last two days, haven’t I?”

Bill decided it was in his best interests not to even inquire how Sirius had come to his conclusions, and helped Sirius to his feet. Attention turned back to the motorbike, Sirius launched into a detailed description of every piece that Bill had managed to get dinged or scraped or smashed, until Bill found his mind wandering. The first thing that popped into his head was his fantasy from earlier, which he quickly shoved aside. But that led to his recalling his conversation with Harry.

“Sirius?” Bill interrupted Sirius’ diatribe about something niggly like brakes, “have you talked with Harry about…things?”

“Things?” Sirius looked up from the bike in surprise. “What things?”

“You know what things.” Bill deepened his voice significantly. “Things.” When Sirius’ eyebrow raised in comprehension, Bill blathered on quickly before he lost his nerve. “It’s just that I had a bit a talk with him this morning, and I think he might be, ah, leaning in your direction, you know? You and, er, Lupin’s direction?”

Sirius grunted as he took this in, and Bill spent several seconds positive that he had far overstepped his bounds before Sirius gave a barking sort of laugh.

“Does he?” Sirius had picked up a rag and was looking at his hands while he wiped the grease off them. “Does he fancy you then?”

The rueful laugh was out before Bill could stop it, but he shook his head and just said that he thought Sirius might want to know. Sirius was agreeing and grumbling something about ‘those damn Muggles’ when Remus slipped in the door and said hello to them both. Bill’s return greeting was a trifle high, but he cleared his throat quickly and Remus only quirked an eyebrow.

“Would you mind, Bill?” Remus asked. “I have something I want to talk to Sirius about.”

Taking the opportunity for flight gratefully, Bill was halfway down the main stairs before he remembered that he hadn’t found out when Sirius would be done fixing his motorbike. As much as he didn’t want to go back and interrupt, the bike was his primary means of transportation, and he wouldn’t be able to do much Ordering without it. Dutifully, Bill turned around and trooped back up the stairs.

The door to the room had come partway open again, as doors had a rather unsettling habit of doing in Grimmauld Place, and Bill glanced inside before knocking to try and establish whether or not he should interrupt.

Their heads were bent together, Sirius leaning on Bill’s bike with his fingers clenched into the seat leather while Remus stood close by, listening to Sirius’ low words. Bill figured that Sirius was filling Remus in on the Harry situation and was raising his hand to knock when Remus leaned forward just that much farther and kissed Sirius into silence.

Bill froze, knowing that he should go right now, but unable to tear himself away as Sirius brought his hands up to wrap them around Remus and yank him close. The bike wobbled under Sirius in his precarious position, and Remus tugged Sirius up to stand, breaking the kiss to murmur some reassurance.

“Is SO my fault,” Sirius interrupted, but didn’t get to say anything else because Remus was kissing him again, one hand wandering down to tug the waistband of Sirius’ jeans, and Bill hoped they weren’t going to defile his motorbike. Not because he didn’t want to see it, just because he thought there might be a time at some point in his life where he would have to ride the bike without a monumental cockstand.

That was not in the cards, apparently, because to Bill’s horror (fascination), Remus was pushing Sirius back against the bike in a more stable position, then dropping to his knees and rubbing the bulge in Sirius’ jeans for a several teasing moments before undoing the button and zip. The sound of the metal teeth coming undone made the hair on the back of Bill’s neck rise, and if that hadn’t done it, Sirius’ low growl would have.

I have to move, I HAVE to MOVE, Bill chanted inside his head, but the only moving he was doing was into a better angle to watch Sirius’ cock spring free and bump against Remus’ lips. Sirius took one hand off the bike to thread through Remus’ hair, trying to tug him closer. Remus refused to be rushed, teasing Sirius with the tip of his tongue.

Growling louder, Sirius thrust towards Remus, but Remus grabbed his hips and held him down against the bike, giving himself the freedom to tease all he liked. Just as Sirius’ hand on the bike was digging into the leather seat in frustration, Bill was clenching his own fingers into the wood of the doorframe with the need to keep himself from wanking.

And when Remus finally did slide his lips over Sirius in one smooth, impossibly long stroke and Sirius threw back his head to howl, Bill finally fled, feeling dizzy as all the blood in his brain plummeted towards his own aching cock.

Back in his own room with the door slammed shut, Bill achieved orgasm in roughly five seconds, shoulders heaving and head collapsed back against the wood of the door, jeans pushed down just far enough for him to get a good grip.

Exhausted from the whole ordeal, Bill kicked off his trainers and flopped down on his bed for an encore nap, already getting the sinking feeling that things were headed down the slippery slope at a fantastic rate.


“It’s me, isn’t it?” Remus said several days later, when he and Bill happened to be the only ones in the kitchen. Bill jerked his gaze up guiltily. “It’s me that Harry talked to you about?”

“Oh,” Bill breathed in relief, “I wouldn’t say we talked, but yeah. How’d you know?”

“Can smell it on him,” Remus reported blandly, sipping his coffee.

“What?” Bill, who had spent the last few days combating a string of increasingly kink-filled Remus fantasies in which Sirius occasionally co-starred, had a very bad feeling about this. “What do you mean?”

“Pheromones.” Remus set down his mug and gazed at Bill steadily. “Everyone gives them off, people give off different ones when they’re aroused.” Remus tapped his nose. “Werewolf olfactives.”

“How about that.” Bill fought the urge to giggle hysterically and found that he could in no way meet Remus’eyes.

“Which brings us to my next topic,” Remus set down his mug and folded his hands. “Care to guess what it is?”

“Listen,” Bill said hastily, “I know about you and Sirius and–”

“You’d have to, wouldn’t you, after that show we put on the other day?” Bill tore his gaze from the table, jaw hanging open. “Personally, I’m surprised you let us get so carried away on your motorbike. Sirius would have never stood for that sort of… potentially messy… activity on his.”

Struggling to gather his wits under Remus’ even gaze, Bill was still speechless when Sirius came into the kitchen and stopped beside Remus’ chair, wearing only jeans and a worn leather collar that Bill hadn’t noticed before, hair still damp from the shower and a towel around his shoulders. It wasn’t helping Bill’s coherence any, all those dark tattooed lines running across all that pale skin. Bill swallowed hard as Sirius spoke.

“Asked him yet?”

And just like that, Bill realized that he was being set up, the glint in Remus’ eyes and the raised eyebrow above confirming it.

“We were just getting to that,” Remus answered smoothly, his eyes falling to half-closed as Sirius ran a careless hand through Remus’ hair. “But he seems to have caught on.”

“What do you say, Weasley?” Sirius regarded him while his graceful fingers slid down to caress Remus’ collarbone possessively. “Want to play?”

“I’m sure,” Bill cleared his throat to get rid of the squeak, “I’m sure your werewolf there can tell you the answer.” Hell, the portrait of Sirius’ mother could probably smell the pheromones pouring off him right now. Remus and Sirius exchanged an amused expression before Remus stood up and led Sirius from the room with a jerk of the head that said Bill was to follow.

Bill felt positively surreal as he followed Sirius and Remus upstairs to the room that nobody except for possibly Ron really believed Sirius slept in alone. And also more than a little awkward as he watched all the small touches that the two men kept trading the whole way up the stairs, hands on waists and fingers brushing across shoulders.

The thought of coming between that made Bill’s stomach twist a little. He heaved a sigh as they reached Sirius’ room, wondering when he had become such a mellow sap. Turning down sex with experienced older men? Soon they’d be demanding he retire his earring.

“You don’t have to include me,” Bill said quietly as he pushed shut the bedroom door behind him. “I mean, I’m flattered, really, but clearly you two have something serious, and I don’t want to get between that.” When Bill finally turned around, Sirius and Remus were watching him with mild amusement.

“That’s sweet,” Sirius said. “Now take off your pants and get on the bed.”

Taking an intrapersonal vote and finding that his cock had won by a landslide, Bill complied quickly, shucking boots and jeans on the way to the bed. He heard an appreciative chuckle behind him as it became apparent that he had been wearing nothing underneath the jeans.

“Mmm, those Death Eaters would have had a little surprise if they had caught you,” Remus murmured, undoing his robes and laying them over a nearby desk chair. Sirius pulled the towel from around his neck and tossed it to the ground. “Shirt too, there’s a lad.”

Tugging the T-shirt over his head, Bill was keenly aware of Remus and Sirius tracking his every move, making his skin tingle and his cock twitch as surely as if they were actually touching him.

“Budge up a bit,” Sirius ordered, slinging an arm around Remus’ shoulders and leaning in to nuzzle his neck. “Give us a good look.” He bit down on Remus’ neck lightly, making the other man’s nostrils flare, but both of their eyes were fixed firmly on Bill as he slid up against the pillows and spread his legs a little wider.

Unable to keep the blush that was already covering his nose from spreading down his neck and across his chest, Bill followed their explicit directions to stroke himself, slower, yes just like that, other hand as well, lower, good boy.

“Do this often?” Bill teased, trying to lighten the mood. Being so exposed and having his every move directed was a huge turn-on, but he was having a hard time looking the other men in the eye when he was the focus of so much attention.

“This certainly isn’t the first time.” Sirius barked a laugh, the arm that wasn’t on Remus’ shoulders coming around his waist to begin undoing shirt buttons and stroking warm skin as it was revealed. “Experimentation with new toys is the best way to keep a relationship fresh, after all.”

“If I’m the toy, why aren’t you playing with me?” Bill inquired, giving his best wide-eyed innocent look. It must have been a good one, since Sirius shivered a little against Remus. The werewolf merely smirked, but Bill supposed you couldn’t win ’em all. “It’s awfully cold down here all alone.”

Sirius needed no further encouragement to let go of Remus and crawl onto the bed, sliding up until he was stretched out beside Bill. Allowing himself to be pulled flush against Sirius and kissed fiercely, Bill moaned into Sirius’ mouth when the rough denim of Sirius’ jeans scraped against the sensitive skin of his cock.

“Gorgeous,” Remus commented, sliding off his unbuttoned shirt and laying it over the chair with his robes.

“Mmm,” Sirius broke the kiss to agree. He smoothed a warm hand down Bill’s shoulder and side. “The blush goes all the way down, too.” As if to prove his point, Sirius slid his hand from Bill’s hip down to grasp his cock and gave it a firm stroke. Bill threw his head back and bit down on a moan.

Concluding his leisurely undressing, Remus stepped out of his trousers and laid them over his other clothes before coming around the side of the bed to sit behind Bill. He reached down to lay his hand over Sirius’, slowing the stroking Bill’s cock down until it was more like a prolonged, moving squeeze. Bill rolled onto his back between the two men, whimpering and arching into their hands.

Already feeling like he couldn’t get enough air into his lungs, Bill lifted a hand to trace one of the scars running over Remus’ chest, then leaned forward just enough to trace the same line with the tip of his tongue.

“Learns fast, doesn’t he?” Sirius mused as Remus hissed. Both of them let go of Bill’s cock, Remus to thread a hand through Bill’s hair to pull him over for a deep kiss, Sirius to lick the taste of Bill off his palm. “God, I’d nearly forgotten how good you Weasleys taste.”

Bill fuzzily wondered exactly who Sirius’ previous experience had been with, but every coherent thought that had survived the slick invasion of Remus’ tongue went to that great brain in the sky when Sirius slipped down in one smooth movement and licked the head of Bill’s cock. Bill fell back away from Remus as he fought to get enough air to groan, and Remus let him go, glancing down the length of Bill’s body to where Sirius was sliding lips slowly down Bill’s shaft.

“It has been a long time, hasn’t it?” Remus murmured, shifting closer to Bill until he could feel Remus’ cock pressing into his thigh. “Sirius, do you remember that night in Glasgow with–”

“Mmm-hmm,” Sirius hummed enthusiastically around Bill’s cock, making him writhe against the bed. Lifting his lips with a soft ‘pop’ of released suction, Sirius added, “and his brother, what a pair.” Sirius had evidently been undoing his jeans as he sucked Bill, and now as he sat up he tossed them carelessly to the floor.

“Matched set after all,” Remus reached down to hook a finger in Sirius’ collar and tug him upwards, over Bill, for his own kiss. Pressed into the mattress by Sirius’ warm weight, cock nestled firmly into the crease of Sirius’ hip, Bill shivered as he watched Remus’ and Sirius’ tongues slide languidly against each other. By the time they broke for air and turned their attention back to Bill, he was twisting his fingers in the blankets underneath him in an effort to get himself under control.

“So what shall we do with him?” Sirius asked Remus, sliding back off to the other side of Bill so that he had more open skin to roam fingers over. “So many possibilities…”

“Want –” Bill finally gathered enough wits together to string some words into a sentence, “want one of you inside me —now.”

“Can’t argue with that,” Remus chuckled, sliding his palm over Bill’s freckled chest to tweak a nipple. “Want the honors, Pads?”

“Sweet Merlin on a Cleansweep, yes,” Sirius grinned, getting a good grip on Bill’s waist and rolling over onto his back so Bill ended up sprawled against his chest. “Moony,” Sirius growled between nips to Bill’s neck,”be a love and hunt up some lube, hmm?”

“Don’t you older, more experienced wizards have a spell for that?” Bill inquired, voice so rough he hardly recognized it as his own.

“Ah, young Weasley,” Remus chided him as he leaned over to the bedside table and rifled around in the drawer, “any good wizard knows that the magically fabricated can never surpass the reality.”

“Any good queer wizard,” Sirius laughed against Bill’s neck. Remus had turned up a jar from the drawer and was moving down to kneel between Sirius’ legs, behind Bill. Although he couldn’t see what Remus was up to, he found out soon enough when slick fingers pressed against his opening.

Raising himself up onto his knees to get better leverage, Bill pushed back onto Remus’ fingers. The sounds of Sirius’ cock being slicked by Remus’ other hands seemed loud to Bill, even over the rasp of his breath. He whimpered when Remus slid his fingers back out, but then firm hands were spreading his cheeks and shifting him forward, and pressing something blunt and hot against Bill’s hole.

“God yes,” Sirius grunted as Bill let gravity push him down onto Sirius’ cock. Cursing through gritted teeth, Bill pushed on Sirius’ chest to sit up, sinking even further onto Sirius. He sucked in a deep breath, the calming effects of which were completely undone by one look at the pale skin and dark hair spread out across the pillows underneath him, then pulled his knees in to push himself up, Sirius’ cock sliding out of him with searing slowness.

He paused for a long moment when he was the whole way up on his knees, thighs trembling, before letting himself collapse back down, Sirius’ cock driving into him and wrenching another string of curses from his lips.

“Let me,” a warm voice whispered in his ear, then Remus’ strong hands were on him again, rocking him up and down on Sirius while Sirius thrust up from below. Sirius’ hands crept up to Bill’s thighs and clenched hard enough to leave marks in the fair skin, thumbs brushing tantalizingly close to Bill’s own painfully hard cock, but not actually touching him anywhere he needed to be touched.

A sharp ‘fuck!’ was all the warning Bill had before Sirius gave a last thrust and shuddered underneath him, and Bill felt the pulse of Sirius’ orgasm spilling out of the cock buried in his arse. Slumping against the pillows, Sirius closed his eyes and let out a satiated sigh.

Before Bill could gather himself, Remus was pushing him forward. Sirius’ cock slipped out of Bill, making him whine, but something warm and wet quickly replaced it.

“Remus!” Bill gasped as the werewolf’s insistent tongue dipped shallowly inside him.

“Just relax,” Sirius yawned, slipping hands up into Bill’s hair to pull him down into a lazy kiss. “Let Moony have his fun, you won’t regret it.”

Whimpering and thrusting his aching cock against Sirius’ stomach, Bill felt like every nerve ending in his spine was on fire as Remus’ tongue lapped at his hole, slipping inside for a deeper taste every few licks.

“Please!” he whined against Sirius’ mouth, spine bowing as he struggled for more contact. Chuckling, Sirius took pity and slid a hand in between them to wrap around Bill’s cock, his palm slick and warm with sweat. With Remus still tonguing him mercilessly, Sirius’ tight grip was enough to push Bill over the edge at last, and he came in a rush over Sirius’ knuckles.

He was still shivering in the aftershocks when Sirius slid his hand back out from between them and put his it up to his lips to lick Bill off the backs of his fingers.

“Mmm,” Sirius’ chest vibrated against Bill’s, tickling his over-stimulated skin, and oh god Remus was still at it, “I can only imagine what it’s like on Moony’s end.”

“It’s Bill’s end really,” Remus answered, coming up for air at last, and then Bill was being shifted again, onto his back this time. He settled against Sirius’ chest, Sirius slipping arms around him, and regarded Remus with hooded eyes. Remus was sitting back on his knees, wiping a graceful hand across his mouth as he gazed down at Sirius and Bill.

He was gorgeous, and Bill said as much out loud without thinking. Remus shook his head, but made a pleased noise in the back of his throat when Sirius agreed, and he moved closer when Bill reached out a hand. Close enough for Bill to touch him without having to move his orgasm-hazed body away from Sirius’warmth.

Bill trailed fingers over the scars that he had run his tongue over earlier, pale slashes against the warm glow of Remus’ flushed skin, and Bill wanted to run fingers over that entire expanse, to press his own bare skin against it.

“See what Harry sees in you,” Bill murmured, moving his hand up Remus’ neck and over his cheek to tug on his hair, so soft under his wand calluses. Remus snorted softly.

“A middle-aged dark creature?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “Harry’s got a schoolboy’s crush, he wants authority and affection.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Bill smirked, tugging Remus down by his hair to press lips against the line of his throat, feeling Remus’ pulse fluttering underneath his lips.

“Could we stop talking about my innocent virginal godson!” Sirius demanded, shifting behind Bill. “Oi, you two certainly know how to ruin a mood.”

Laughing and murmuring in Bill’s ear that Sirius was only upset because no one was paying any attention to him, Remus drew back and ran a hand down Bill’s side. He’d had enough of a rest, apparently, because his body responded immediately to the touch.

Sirius rolled Bill over in his arms to kiss him firmly, and Bill felt Sirius’ growing erection nudge his stomach. He reached down and stroked Sirius slowly, relishing the feel of flesh hardening in his grip.

“Let me help you out with that,” Bill offered, then slid down until Sirius’ cock was within easy reach of his lips. Remus’ hands slid over his hips, urging him to slide back a little more and hold his arse a little higher, and Bill gave a little moan of anticipation as he licked Sirius’ head teasingly. When Remus’ fingers pressed into his cleft, Bill’s mouth fell open in a pant, and Sirius took immediate advantage. He wound his fingers firmly in Bill’s hair and pulled his head down closer before thrusting into his mouth.

Being worked at either end, Bill groaned around Sirius’ cock and pushed back against Remus’ fingers, and then the fingers were gone and Remus was pushing inside his stretched opening. He slid easily into Bill thanks to the mixture of his saliva and Sirius’ come. Bill whimpered as Remus’ cock, shorter than Sirius’ but thicker, filled him until he could feel the front of Remus’ thighs pressed into the backs of his own.

Sirius was hot and pulsing in Bill’s mouth, and he groaned as Bill’s throat vibrated with the desperate noises Remus’ cock was pushing out of him. Sliding a hand up underneath Sirius, Bill pressed his thumb into the crease of Sirius’ arse and across his opening. When Sirius moaned and thrust harder, Bill pulled his thumb away and briefly slide it between his lips and Sirius’ cock to wet it, then returned it to Sirius’ hole and pushed in slowly.

“God fuck yes,” Sirius cried, then he was spilling thickly across Bill’s tongue, and Bill worked his thumb inside Sirius harder as he swallowed around his cock. Gasping for air, Sirius collapsed against the pillows underneath Bill.

“Beautiful,” Remus sighed, drawing back and pushing back into Bill roughly as punctuation, and Bill had to agree. Sirius tugged Bill up against his chest and cut off his moans with his lips as Remus slid a hand around Bill’s waist to grip his cock, fucking Bill into his sweat-slicked fist. Sirius’ tongue twisted against his own, and the arch of his stomach pressed Remus’ hand and Bill’s cock tightly between them.

Tearing his mouth away from Sirius to gulp air, Bill squeezed his eyes shut and keened as Remus twisted the head of his cock deftly at the beginning of a thrust. When Remus struck his prostate a second later, Bill came hard, clenching his hands on Sirius’ shoulders in what were sure to be a spectacular set of bruises later. Bill tried to collapse, but three hands held him where he was, and a fourth pulled him down for another deep kiss from Sirius.

Remus’ unhurried, balls-deep thrusts were making Bill and Sirius’ teeth click together, and warm hands were stroking Bill’s back and clenching his hips and tugging on his hair, and Bill was a haze of confused sensation with no idea which way was up by the time Remus gave a low exclamation and collapsed on top of him, pinning him against Sirius’ chest.

“Hunh?” he asked when he managed to pry his eyelids open some indeterminate amount of time later. He had slid to one side of Sirius’ chest, and when he tilted his head up a little, he saw Remus curled up against Sirius other side, the two older men kissing softly, Remus trailing fingers over the tattoos that ran down Sirius’ sternum.

Feeling warm and thoroughly debauched and unwilling to interrupt, Bill rolled over so that only his back was pressed against the warmth of Sirius and let his eyes slipped closed again.


The next morning, wearing only hastily pulled on jeans, Bill struggled to the kitchen in desperate need of some tea, and came face-to-face with his conscience in the form of a glowering teenager with even angrier-looking hair.

Bill strove to look as though he had not been shagged senseless the night before by the man he had warned Harry off, throwing in the kid’s godfather for good measure, but if Harry’s eyebrow flare of realization was any indication, he wasn’t pulling it off. Bill wondered exactly how much Harry knew.

“I know everything,” Harry snapped.

“Just when did you become a Legilimens?” Bill’s mouth inquired, his brain already having completely disengaged from this entire situation.

“My room is right next to Sirius’,” Harry snarled, “you fucking idiot!”

Bill was unable to formulate a reply to that in the time it took the Boy Who Quite Possibly Would Never Forgive Bill For Fucking His First Love to storm out the kitchen door and slam it behind him.

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  • By Coline7373, 2010.02.26 @ 7:14 am

    Aaw. Poor Harry. Asequel would be intersteing to see angst-Harry or angry Harry/Bill or just some 😀

  • By Mousapelli, 2010.02.26 @ 8:09 am

    I think Harry gets his way often enough, so I enjoy writing him occasionally long-suffering. Glad you liked it!

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