Harry Potter, Something’s Afoot in Gryffindor Tower

Title: Something’s Afoot in Gryffindor Tower
Words: 100
Characters: the perfect toes and a prowler…
A/N: my maiden squick drabble! We love you, Nny!

Something’s Afoot in Gryffindor Tower

She crept closer stealthily to the end of the bed and silently slid the covers back to reveal the perfect foot, the five perfect toes wiggling in the sudden draft. She gazed at them reverently for a long moment before lowering her head to gently take the biggest one into her mouth. She anticipated the delicate taste of…


She spat the toe back out as the light was flicked on suddenly.

“A-HA!” Hermione shouted, then stared. “You?”

Ginny’s ears flushed as she tried to scrape the polish off her tongue.

“Oh, Ginny…first the socks, now TOES? Honestly.”

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