Harry Potter, Hummer

Title: Hummer [Ron/Draco]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Well, Muggles seem to enjoy it.
A/N: Mmm, hummus. Based on Icarus’ characterizations in Beg Me For It.


“What do you think?” Ron asked.

“I hate it,” Draco replied.

Draco actually rather liked the yellow spready stuff Ron had brought home for dinner, which he thought might have been called ‘hummer’, or at any rate was giving him one as he imagined smearing the stuff all over Ron.

“You do not hate it!” Ron exclaimed. “You’re shoveling it in your face as fast as you can!”

“I’m starving!” Draco replied. “It’s hard work doing nothing all day.”

The truth was that Draco had a reputation to maintain, and he was fairly certain that reputation did not involve foods clearly invented by Muggles who owned nothing more than a jar and a spoon. Draco hadn’t learned much from his mother, but she had taught him that it wasn’t a real food unless it took at least three different pans to make and had a utensil earmarked specifically for eating the result.

Ron snorted and reached over to dip his flatbread into Draco’s humus and Draco slapped his hand away.

“See?” Ron looked smug.

“I don’t want your germs,” Draco sniffed. “It isn’t hygienic to double-dip other people’s food.”

“Draco,” Ron gritted his teeth, “you sleep in my bed. You’ve licked. Every. Inch. Of. My. Body! Whatever I’ve got, YOU’VE got!”

“Still though,” Draco shrugged. “I don’t spit in your food, do I?”

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