Harry Potter, Being Checked Twice

Title: Being Checked Twice [Remus/Sirius/Harry]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17. There’s some a fucks b who fucks c business, and some voyeurism.
Summary: Remus is attempting to make a grocery list.
Notes: I have a life, i swear, i just didn’t think it would take them this long to get to 1000 so i kept writing things. 1000! WHEE! And I have to admit that this was more than a little inspired by Sloane’s “Domestic Bliss” series.

Being Checked Twice

Scribbling the grocery list, Remus was completely unconcerned about the thumps coming from the floor above him, even when they began to increase in frequency and intensity. They were wizards after all, weren’t they? Surely Harry and Sirius could manage to fix between them whatever furniture they were destroying at the moment.

What Remus did need, however, was to find out what the destructive pair might want for dinner during the next week. Accordingly, he hefted himself out of his chair and went to inquire.

He had a good idea what the thumping was all about by the time he reached the top of the stairs, having identified the room that the thumps were coming from as the bedroom, and furthermore faint fuck yeses were wafting down the hall.

He pushed open the door quietly and contemplated the scene before him.

Harry was on all fours, gripping the headboard of the bed as Sirius fucked him relentlessly, the headboard against the wall creating the thumping that Remus had heard from below. Sirius was making no move to touch Harry’s erection, and Remus guessed that Harry’d been commanded to hold onto the headboard so that he couldn’t stroke himself, whether as punishment or just because Sirius wanted a long fuck, Remus couldn’t guess.

One hand crept down to idly brush his own burgeoning erection as Remus admired the aesthetics of the two males before him, both glistening with sweat and with longish dark hair sticking up in all directions. Remus sighed softly when Sirius slammed into Harry deep just a handful of times more before throwing his head back to shout, his adams apple sliding along the clean line of his throat.

Sirius shook his damp hair out of his eyes after a few moments and noticed Remus leaning in the doorway. Giving Remus a leer and a wink, Sirius slid out of Harry, issuing an order not to move and not to let go of the headboard. Harry’s whimper went straight to Remus’ cock, but what made him lick his lips was the sight of Sirius sliding so slowly out of Harry’s stretched hole, globs of white still clinging to his head.

Sirius stretched out beside Harry and lowered his lips to stage whisper in Harry’s ear, eyes’ never losing contact with Remus’.

“I think Moony wants to play, too,” he said, left hand caressing Harry’s cleft. Harry continued to whimper, trying to thrust himself onto Sirius’ fingers, but Sirius kept his touch just close enough to tease. “Would you like that, Harry?”

Fingering the buttons of his robes, Remus felt a smile brush his lips as Harry bobbed his head and moaned, savoring the beauty of lips gasping please, fuck me Moony, please.

“C’mon, Moony,” Sirius coaxed, eyes half-closed in lazy pleasure. He slid the tip of his index finger slowly into Harry. “He’s already stretched and so slick, you could slide the whole way in without even trying. Our Harry’s quite desperate to be fucked some more, as usual.”

There was no way Remus could resist Sirius’ dirty talk, even if he had been immune to the sight of Sirius fingering Harry or Harry’s dripping cock trying to fuck the air. He was halfway to the bed with his robes in a heap on the floor before he was conscious that he’d started to move.

Climbing up onto the bed beside Sirius, Remus knelt behind Harry and joined Sirius’ fingers with his tongue, tracing the cleft of Harry’s arse. When he reached Harry’s hole, Remus lapped at the spill of Sirius that was trickling down Harry’s thigh, humming as the taste of Sirius mixed with Harry slid over his tongue. Harry moaned and thrust backward when Remus pressed his tongue into Harry for more of the taste, and Remus tongue-fucked him for several moments before pulling back and sitting up to push the head of his cock against Harry’s hole.

Sirius had been right, it took next to no effort to slide into Harry, especially not with the teenager thrusting back onto his cock eagerly. Meanwhile, Sirius had scooted up to the head of the bed and was stroking his own cock leisurely back to hardness, the other hand cupping his sac. Drawing his knees up, Sirius drifted a finger down to brush against his pucker. Chuckling softly, Remus lowered his mouth to Harry’s ear.

“Looks like you aren’t the only one who’s in need of a cock up his arse,” Remus murmured. “What say we help him out, hmm?”

Harry moaned an affirmative, and Remus reached down to grasp his cock, then leaned Harry forward to press his tip against Sirius’ arse. He murmured a Lubrication Charm, holding Harry tightly as the teenager shivered from the feel of magic running through him, then convulsed as his own slickness joined that of the spell’s in running over Remus’ fingers and into Sirius’ arse.

“Who says you don’t get the same results with another person’s wand?” Remus asked, bending down to lick the back of Harry’s neck.

“Somebody’s shooting sparks, that’s for sure,” Sirius teased. He leaned forward to kiss Harry, helping Remus to hold him steady as Remus continued to thrust into Harry in slow, even strokes. Releasing his own cock, Sirius reached down to fondle Harry’s balls.

Between Remus fucking him and Sirius stroking him, it didn’t take long for Harry to begin growing hard again. Sirius commented as much with a chuckle, and affectionately called Harry a slut.

“I’m eighteen,” Harry retorted, a bit more coherent now that his brain wasn’t addled from lack of release. He pulled a hand away from the headboard to run it up Sirius’ own hardening flesh. “What’s you two’s excuse?”


“Back from the dead.”

“Hmm,” said Harry, and he would’ve said something else if Sirius hadn’t taken a firm grip on his head and pushed it down until Harry’s lips brushed the tip of his cock. Harry opened his mouth eagerly and sucked Sirius in, running his tongue over the salty skin and tasting traces of Sirius and himself. He swallowed Sirius deeper and thrust backwards onto Remus, cocks filling him at both ends until Sirius tugged his head back and begged Harry to fuck him.

Harry let Sirius pull and Remus push him a bit further up the bed until his cock was once again pressed against Sirius’ hole, Remus holding it steady.

“Sure you’re ready?” Remus asked, causing both Sirius and Harry to blow hair out of their eyes in impatience. “You aren’t as young and loose as you used to be, Pads.”

“Want Harry now,” Sirius growled in reply. “Want him hard and deep. Want you to fuck me with Harry.”

“I think we can manage that,” Remus said, and thrust forward sharply, driving Harry nearly the whole way into Sirius and wrenching moans from all three of their throats. He pulled back just enough to get leverage to thrust again, and Harry sank balls-deep into Sirius’ arse.

“Fuck yes,” Sirius gasped, and reached around Harry to grip Remus’ arse with both hands and yank him and Harry closer, digging his heels into the mattress and pushing up to take Harry even deeper.

“Mm, I think I can feel the back of your throat,” Harry teased before the tandem thrusting of Sirius and Remus drove all the air out of his lungs.

“I think…ehehhhh…that I can as well,” Remus added, then Sirius slipped a finger down his arse to press the skin right behind his balls and things went rather fuzzy. Sirius’ hands tugged him deep into Harry’s tight arse, Harry was clenching around him, his hand had closed around Sirius’ cock at some point, and everything was colored with the constant stream of soft obscenities that were being pushed out of Sirius’ mouth by Harry’s cock.

Harry’s arse gave a delicious squeeze, and Remus felt his balls tighten, then he whited out as every blood cell in his body rushed to his pulsing cock.

He woke feeling sticky, sated, and boneless, and with warm bodies rubbing pleasantly against his own, hands stroking his chest and arms. He peeled open his eyes to find Harry and Sirius laying on either side of him, and gave a sigh as Sirius pressed soft kisses to his lips.

“Gave us a bit of a worry there,” Sirius said. “Harry thought he might have milked the life right out of you. Can’t say it’s outside the realm of possibility, with that arse of his.”

“You two are going to be the death of me,” Remus murmured, lifting a hand that felt like lead to stroke Harry’s hair in reassurance. Harry grinned and rubbed against Remus’ palm, then pressed a kiss to Remus’ neck. Remus yawned, then suddenly remembered what he’d come up for in the first place. “I nearly forgot, what do you two want to eat this week?”

“I should think that would be quite obvious by now,” Sirius grinned, leaning down to nip Remus’ collarbone.

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