Harry Potter, Worthy Prey

Title: Worthy Prey [Remus/Draco]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for the thrill of the chase.
Summary: Remus is a hunter after all.
A/N: Written as a pinch hit for Sweetrickitten for the 2003 Merry_Smutmas exchange. Turns out she wrote my present. funny, huh?

Remixed by Blythely here.

Worthy Prey

Remus Lupin loved the chase.

He’d played it with a Ravenclaw Quidditch player his Fourth Year at Hogwarts, with James Sixth Year, with Sirius after they graduated, with a thousand anonymous people in between before Sirius again when he’d returned to Grimmauld Place, with Charley Weasley after Sirius’d died.

The chase of course, wasn’t that different from hunting, which Remus had no doubt was why he enjoyed it so much. You caught sight of your prey, scented it, tracked it, seized it, and if all went well, then there was biting.

A little less with the chewing, but then again, sex had a better chance of repeat business than hunting did generally.

Grimmauld Place, for all its memories constantly trying to ooze out of the wall and smother him, was one of Remus’ favorite places to stalk prey. All the winding, echoing corridors and the half-light made the chase a game of stealth and skill. You could follow someone in this house for days and still not quite manage to catch anything more than a hint of your quarry’s scent in a room they had recently left.

Remus was quietly reading in the library when he caught a flash of movement going past the doorway out of the corner of his eye. By the time he looked up, the doorway was still, but Remus smiled faintly as he silently rose to his feet.

He moved to the doorway and peered down the dim corridor to catch a glimpse of shirt going around the corner. The chase was on.

Remus tread softly down the long hallway, turning the corner to be faced with a choice of a row of rooms or the staircase to the third floor. Remus closed his eyes and drew in a slow breath through his nose, catching a hint of expensive cologne. He moved towards the staircase without hesitation.

At the top, no sign of the prey was to be found, but the scent was stronger up here, and Remus followed it halfway down the hall and to a closed door. The smile growing larger and showing a few teeth, Remus eased the door open just far enough to slide inside the darkened room.

The carpet in this room swallowed even the tiniest sounds his footsteps made as he ghosted across it, towards the shadowy profile leaning against the window. Remus could make out the features clearly against the light filtering through the glass, the individual hairs laying across his forehead obvious to Remus’ werewolf eyes.

Remus grinned ferally as he crept up behind his prey, pleased at the success of this chase, already anticipating the moment when his hands closed on skin and muscle.

“Lumos!” Draco called suddenly, whirling to brandish his lit wand in a startled Remus’ face. Draco’s expression of triumph twisted into one of confusion. “Professor Lupin?”

Remus remained momentarily silent, reorganizing his thoughts and admiring the calculating glare in Draco’s piercing gray eyes.

“Of course,” Draco sneered. “Who else but a werewolf would stalk prey in a place like this?” Draco’s casual wave of the fingers indicated Grimmauld Place in its entirety along with its inhabiting Order members. “Right up your alley, I should say.” A ghost of a smirk appeared. “No pun intended, Professor.”

Remus replied nothing, but moved forward suddenly to press Draco against the glass and crushed his mouth to the younger man’s. Draco struggled instinctively, and Remus seized his wrists and forced them down, Draco’s wand dropping to the floor with a clink, but not going out.

In the dim bluish shadows the wandlight cast, Remus opened his eyes to peer with satisfaction at Draco’s expression of angerinterestlust.

“If the prey wasn’t willing,” he finally broke the silence with a breathy rumble, “he would have hardly led me back to his bedroom.”

“Slytherin manipulation and all that,” Draco smiled coldly, before yanking Remus closer by a fistful of robes and bringing their lips together in a crash of noses and teeth. Remus slid confidant hands into Draco’s robes and pushing him closer by his ass.

Draco broke the kiss abruptly and slipped out of Remus’ grip with a liquid ease that made even Remus raise an eyebrow.

“Come on then,” Draco ordered impatiently, moving towards the doorway into the connected bedroom in a way that was just a bit too fast to be called a saunter. Remus balked at being given commands by prey half his age, but knew that obedience now would lead to dominance when and where it counted.

Draco shed his robes on the way to the bed, and Remus followed suit, feeling the heavy fabric slither down his body in a way he hoped the Slytherin before him would be doing soon. Remus caught Draco’s wrist just before he climbed onto the bed.

“Easier to get undressed standing up,” Remus explained, deft fingers having already dispatched several of the buttons on Draco’s silk shirt. “Mmm, pretty.”

“That was my main attraction for the Dark Lord as well, yes,” Draco replied, lifting his chin as if daring Remus to argue. He reached out to flick a few of Remus’ buttons open just for symmetry’s sake. “Now those are pretty.”

Draco ran a well-manicured finger up one of Remus’ many scars, Remus hissed in pleasure. He swiftly undid the rest of Draco’s buttons and pushed the shirt down off his shoulders. He was disposing of the button on Draco’s trousers when Draco leaned forward and followed the path of the same scar with his tongue.

Remus made a sharp noise and pushed Draco’s trousers roughly out of the way. Giving Draco a shove towards the bed, Remus dropped the rest of his clothes just as hurriedly and followed the Slytherin up onto the bed.

Remus slid himself over Draco’s smooth body with a rush of arousal, but it was the younger man who gasped out loud at the rub of Remus’ scarred chest over his nipples.

“You’re ribbed for my pleasure!” he gave a short bark of laughter before Remus ground into him and he moaned sharply.

“That’ll be enough talking for now, I think,” Remus gave a tight smile, then took Draco’s mouth again. One hand drifted down to twist one of Draco’s nipples, and Draco arched, thrusting their groins together. “And enough with the preliminaries as well.”

“Agreed,” Draco said when he could draw a breath. “Accio wand!”

Draco’s wand flew into his hand from the other room, still glowing blue. Draco murmured another spell, one which Remus was very familiar with, and then reached between them to stroke Remus’ cock with a slick hand.

Remus groaned and thrust into Draco’s hand, then pushed roughly away from him.

“Turn over,” he ordered. “And give me that wand.”

Draco rolled over onto his elbows and knees, then looked over his shoulder as Remus place the tip of Draco’s wand into the cleft of his pale ass.

“You don’t get as good results with another wizard’s wand,” Draco reminded him with a raised eyebrow.

“Too bad for you,” Remus replied archly. “Facile.”

Draco gasped for air as Remus pushed into him, pushing back against the stretch and the fullness. Remus gripped Draco’s hips firmly to keep him still as he drew back and pushed into him harder. Draco whispered a curse when Remus did it a second time, faster, then swore his name when he pounded into him the third time.

“Harder,” Draco demanded. “I thought werewolves liked it rough.”

“Big words from the man on the bottom,” Remus snarled a laugh, then shifted his grip on Draco, clutching him hard enough to likely leave marks. He drove into Draco hard enough that the Slytherin’s forehead was bumping his clenched fists on every stroke.

“Yes!” Draco barked suddenly. “God, Professor, right there!”

Remus let go with one hand and reached around to seize Draco’s cock, fisting him in time with his thrusts. Draco kept up a gasped chorus of yesyesyes while Remus fucked him just a little harder, then went rigid when Remus bent to bite his shoulder, spilling over his stomach and Remus hand.

Several more brutal thrusts and Remus came, digging his fingers into Draco so hard that he cried out. Draco’s shaking arms gave out and they collapsed onto the bed in a facefirst tangle.

“You’re much better at this than Harry,” Draco said after a few minutes, when his breathing had slowed.

“Not surprising,” Remus shrugged, “he learned everything he knows from Sirius, who learned everything he knew from me. And I by no means gave up all my secrets.”

“You Gryffindors are such a incestuous little bunch,” Draco said with contempt.

“Welcome to the Order of the Phoenix,” Remus smiled coldly.

Remixed by Blythely here.

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