Harry Potter, I Know a Trick or Two

Title: I Know a Trick Or Two [Sirius/Bill]
Rating/Warnings: as NC-17 as a blowjob can get. Oral sex and a spell of questionable effect.
Summary: Sirius is a dirty boy. Bill has tricks.
AN: for the sex magic challenge, and also dedicated to florahart for helping with my layout issues.

I Know a Trick or Two

Watching Sirius concentrate was always rather amusing. Eyes squinched half-closed, tongue poking between his teeth, hands clenched, he was the very picture of intense and sustained focus.

If he’d been doing anything more strenuous than writing a letter to Harry, Bill was quite sure that Sirius’ head would’ve exploded.

“Oi,” Sirius said, blowing hair out of his face to eye Bill, “what’re you hanging about in the doorway like that for?”

“Just coming in to make a sandwich,” he said smoothly, stepping the rest of the way into the kitchen as though he had not been leaning on the doorway to stare at the other man for a lazy handful of minutes. “Disarming your library is hungry work.”

“S’not my library,” Sirius grumbled, hunching back over his letter, and Bill counted it as a minor victory that he hadn’t shouted loud enough to bring others running like he had the first few weeks when anybody had called anything in the house his.

Bill let the kitchen lapse into companionable silence as he made his sandwich, and since he was feeling generous, made one for Sirius as well. He sat the plate in front of Sirius without comment, remaining standing to eat his own lunch.

“What’s that?” Sirius asked, glancing up.

“BLT.” Bill chewed slowly as Sirius flickered a suspicious glance at him before setting down his quill. He was even more amused when Sirius pulled the top piece of bread off the sandwich and began systematically removing all the lettuce, even the tiniest pieces, even lifting up the B and the T to make sure that none had escaped him. “It’s not really a BLT if you do that, you know.”

“If you would’ve asked, I’d’ve saved you the trouble of putting it in.” Sirius pushed all the unwanted pieces of vegetable to the very edge of his plate.

Bill rolled his eyes and reached over to pick up the larger leaves, intending to add them to his own sandwich, but the sudden invasion of personal space made Sirius jerk backwards, overturning his inkwell and splattering dark ink onto the sleeve of his shirt.

“Oh hell,” Sirius snarled, waving off Bill’s chagrined apology. He slid out of the chair and went to the sink to run water over the stain, and scrubbed at it with one of Bill’s mother’s dishtowels, heedless of the possible ink damage to the towel. “It’s not like anyone’s going to even see me,” he grumbled, “but this is one of Remus’, and he’s just got through lecturing me about his dwindling supply of wearable clothing. Dammit, it’s not coming out!”

“Let me help,” Bill said, dusting the crumbs off his hands and pulling his wand from his back pocket, Moody be damned. “Got a charm that might do the trick.”

Pointing his wand at Sirius, Bill murmured something that Sirius couldn’t quite hear and smirked in satisfaction when a light flush crept across Sirius’ pale nose.

“Weasley,” Sirius cleared his throat, voice gone a bit hoarse suddenly, “that was not a cleaning spell…”

The smirk grew wider as Bill stepped towards Sirius, and the other man didn’t back away, even when Bill leaned in for a lingering kiss, hands already busy tugging on Sirius’ trousers.

“What…” Sirius managed when Bill pulled back, then interrupted himself with a groan as Bill closed a hand around Sirius’ sudden erection, newly freed from his hastily-shoved-aside clothes. Bill gave him a wink before dropping to his knees and nuzzling the coarse hairs right beside his shaft.

Grabbing for the edge of the counter for support, Sirius swayed dangerously for a moment before sagging against it as Bill licked an experimental path up his cock to the head, lingering a moment to swirl his tongue against the bit of liquid already seeping out.

When Bill slid his lips over Sirius, taking him in until his cock bumped against the back of Bill’s throat, Sirius’ hands were in his hair suddenly, tugging him insistently. Bill sucked harder, pressing his tongue against the vein pulsing hotly along the underside of Sirius’ cock.

“Weasley,” Sirius growled, and that was all he got out before he was coming, spilling into Bill’s mouth, and Bill pulled back until only Sirius’ tip was between his lips, making sure to catch everything Sirius was giving him.

Then he plucked Sirius’ arm from his hair and casually spat onto the ink-stained sleeve.

“What in the hell are you doing?!” Sirius demanded, jerking out of his grip to stick the sleeve under the still-running water. Bill climbed to his feet and brushed off his knees, unperturbed. “Honestly, first the ink, now this! Remus is…going to…hey, it’s coming out.”

Sirius looked up at Bill with narrowed eyes, his arm in the drenched, but pristine, sleeve still hanging stupidly over the sink.

“Told you I knew what would do the trick.” Bill winked at Sirius before heading back to the library, giving his arse a condescending pinch on the way by.

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