Harry Potter, Photogenic Confessions

Title: Photogenic Confessions
Words: 100
House: Gryffindor
Characters: Lily, some clueless friends, and an underdeveloped James

Photogenic Confessions

“What did you want to tell us?”

The other Seventh Year girls stared up at Lily expectantly, and she felt the stiff paper in her hand crumple slightly. She threw it down on the table abruptly, glaring at it like she could scorch it to ashes.

The other girls peered at the photo, then gasped. An underexposed James had Lily crushed against a wall and was sucking her neck vampiricly.

“It doesn’t mean anything!” Linda reassured. “They just develop like that sometimes, even if you’ve never done anything like it!”

Lily nervously fingered the collar that was hiding her bruises.

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