Harry Potter, Damn Muggle Machinery

Title: Damn Muggle Machinery
Words: 100
Characters: Dumbledore and some silly contraption
A/N: can you even IMAGINE this…

Damn Muggle Machinery

“Hmm,” Albus Dumbledore said to his empty office. “This is quite a problem.”

He pulled. He twisted. He rolled the lever backwards and the cogs ground uselessly.

He wound the lever forward and gave an undignified “URK!” as he became even more ensnared. Finally, he admitted there was only one solution.

“Accio Scissors!” he called. A desk drawer opened and silver flew into his hand. Taking a deep breath, he solved the problem with several violent snips of the blades and straightened up with relief.

The next morning he announced that pencil sharpeners were now banned from the Hogwarts’ grounds.

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