Harry Potter, Pay Up, Gents

Title: Pay Up, Gents
Words: 100
House: Gryffindor
Characters: The Marauders

“Ha!” James threw the photo down in front of the Sirius and Remus. “Let’s see some galleons, boys!”

“It’s got to be a forgery!” Sirius peered closer at the picture. “And we bet you a sickle each, not galleons!”

“Sickles if I did it,” James corrected, “Galleons if she LIKED it.”

“Who took this?” Remus asked. Peter coughed embarrassedly.

They watched the glossy Lily moan silently for another minute before Sirius dropped the picture back on the table. He and Remus dug out their coins and tossed them to James in disgust.

James pocketed the photo. Might want it later.

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