Harry Potter, The Scent of Blood

Title: The Scent of Blood
House: Hufflepuff, in honor of Sociofemme
Word Count: 100
Characters: Hermione, Ron, Harry, and a cheeky Thestral
A/N: Everybody’s is so depressing! Hope this makes some of you smile 🙂

The Scent of Blood

At first, Hermione thought Ron was nudging her bottom, but when she turned, he wasn’t anywhere near her.

“Harry?” she asked abruptly. “Is there a Thestral about?”

“Over there,” Harry waved.

“Why would a Thestral be interested in you?” Ron interrupted.

“Well” Hermione was flustered, “I’ve just had…I mean, I’ve got my…”

“What?!” Ron demanded. “Lord, woman, you’d think it was that time of the month or something!”

Hermione face paled, then she broke Ron’s nose.

As Harry was leading Ron to the infirmary, he privately considered asking Dumbledore to add a Muggle Sexual Education class to the Hogwarts catalog.

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