Harry Potter, Grasp on Reality

Title: Grasp on Reality
House: Still Hufflepuff, cause they need the help
Word Count: 100
Characters: Ron, Hermione, a daughter, and some colorful toys…
A/N: Inspired by a real event from my childhood.

Grasp on Reality

“Parent teacher conference!” Ron spat. “What is that awful Muggle teacher on about now?! I wanted to send our daughter to proper wizard primary school, but noooo, you said…”

“Relax!” Hermione snapped. “She’s just doing her job. It says right here: ‘ I’ve noticed young Miss Weasley has no grasp on reality’.”

“My daughter, with no grasp on reality?” Ron shouted. “Ridiculous!”

“It says she colored a horse purple today in class,” Hermione continued reading the note.

“It’s no bloody wonder,” Ron howled, “since she owns about TWO MILLION pink and blue and PURPLE My Little Thestrals!!!!”

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