Harry Potter, One Last Ride

Title: One Last Ride [Cedric]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Cedric says goodbye.
AN: I was forced to write this in apology for calling hufflepuffs big fat losers.

One Last Ride

Cedric reluctantly landed his broom when night began falling. He should’ve been studying for NEWTS, or practicing for the Third Task, but Cedric couldn’t resist one last ride across the Quidditch pitch on a brilliant summer’s afternoon.

Leaning on his broom, Cedric savored a final veiw of the grass and goalposts, remembering the rush of the game, his teammates’ shouting, the roaring crowd. All the things he would miss most after graduation.

“Goodbye, Quidditch Pitch!” he shouted as the twilight swallowed the far hoops, laughing at his own silliness.

After all, he’d be here next fall for Hufflepuff’s first game.

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