Harry Potter, Smooth as Silk

Title: Smooth as Silk [Draco]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Draco hates Blaise Zabini.
AN: this one’s for anyone who’s ever experimented with shaving odd bits of their body and later discovered the hidden down-side. And Draco hates EVERYTHING.

Smooth as Silk

Draco hated Blaise Zabini as he scratched his knee through his robes.

He had no idea how Blaise had talked him into shaving his legs. He thought Imperio might have been involved, Zabinis were known for their finesse with that Unforgivable.

Draco remembered him insisting it would feel good, really good, and it had for a few hours. What he had NOT mentioned was that his legs would itch like the dickens for the next week until the hair grew back.

I’m going to get him, Draco snarled silently. I’m replacing his shampoo with hair dye. MAGENTA hair dye. Poof.

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