Harry Potter, Other Means of Communication

Title: Other Means of Communication
House: Gryffindor
Words: 100
Characters: Remus and a well-chosen letter carrier from Sirius

Other Means of Communication

Remus awoke suddenly from a dream he couldn’t quite remember, but the feel of Sirius’ hair lingered on his fingertips. Sighing, he got up and went into the kitchen to make himself some tea. In the kitchen, the macaw that had delivered Sirius’ message to him was perched on a chair, looking better after a night of rest.

He was halfway through his second cup of tea before the macaw spoke.

“Sirius… oh god Sirius… RAWK…harder, Sirius, yes…”

Remus spit tea across the table as his dream rushed back to him.

“That bastard sent a parrot on purpose!” he roared.

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