Harry Potter, Delayed Notice

Title: Delayed Notice
House: Gryffindor
Words: 100
Characters: Remus and an unfinished letter
A/N: more snugglies for Remus *pets*

Delayed Notice

Remus went cold with apprehension as the haggard owl swooped in and dropped a crumpled scrap of paper. Smoothing it out nervously, Remus noticed it wasn’t signed, but he would have recognized that dark scrawl in a second, nearly illegible with the haste of the author.

James and Lily, but not Harry. Peter’s next. You’ll understand soon.

The letter broke off there, unfinished. Remus had assumed that the missing line would confess Sirius’ defection to Voldemort.

Thirteen years later, a toucan landed on Remus’ breakfast table, dropping another scrap of paper in front of him.

PS- I love you.

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