Harry Potter, Raised By Wolves

Title: Raised By Wolves
House: Gryffindor
words: 100
Characters: Remus and a clueless Muggle
A/N: Has anybody else seen this Quiznos ad and just LOST it imagining Remus having this conversation?

Raised By Wolves

Remus sat quietly on the park bench, eating the sandwich he had just bought from a street vendor. A Muggle sat down on the other end of the bench and began unwrapping his own sandwich, which was wrapped in foil. He stopped what he was doing suddenly and stared at Remus.

“Hey,” he said, “you got that ordinary un-toasted sub instead of the toasted Philly Cheesteak sub from Quiznos? What, were you raised by wolves?”

Remus stopped chewing and stared at the Muggle thoughtfully, and finally a small smile crept over his face.

“Yes, I was,” he replied easily. “Hmm.”

If you’ve never seen the Remus Quiznos ad, check it out.

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