Harry Potter, Crown of Laurel

Somehow, Remus doesn't think that using a Time Turner to research Ovid is really what McGonagall had in mind by 'creative research.'

Prince of Tennis, Christmas in Hyoutei

The week before Christmas in Hyoutei, Shishido makes a promise to Ohtori, everyone needs gifts, Seigaku invites Fudomine to a Sushi Bonanza, and it's totally impossible to tell whose boyfriend Fuji is really.

Kyou Kara Maou, And I in My Cap

Yuuri's Christmas presents for some people are handmade this year.

Hikaru no Go, Chuban (Mid-game)

2 AM is really not the time for deep self-reflection, in Touya's opinion.

Harry Potter, Sweet Talker

George tests a new product on Fred, with pleasing results.

Hikaru no Go, Aftermath

There's actually lots of crying in Go.

Loveless, Damaged Goods

Seimei has a few choice words for Ritsu-sensei.

Fullmetal Alchemist, A Friend Indeed

Roy Mustang could use a little help, and Hughes at least gets him off the couch. Eventually.

Loveless, Softer, Cuter, and Longer

Zero find something of interest in their bed yet again.

Kyou Kara Maou, Roger That + Director’s Cut

Wolfram decides it's time to make the trip to Bandarbia. Yuuri has things to say about that. Gwendal cracks under the strain.

Ocean’s 11, Ring a Ding Ding

A whole box of Ringdings is never, ever a good sign for Danny.

Kyou Kara Maou, Home on the Range

Wolfram doesn't like that Yuuri is wandering around on his own, and Jennifer distracts him with baking. Cooking is love!

Kyou Kara Maou, Something Borrowed

Yuuri's having some trouble tying up loose ends on the morning of his wedding, and Conrad has to be the reasonable one like usual.

Fullmetal Alchemist, Exile

In the days after her death, what he hated her most for, more than for leaving him, was that she took his brother with her.

Kyou Kara Maou, 20 Random Facts About Murata Ken, Great Sage

Title says it all.

Prince of Tennis, 20 Random Facts About Seigaku’s Freshmen

The title says it all, I think.

Loveless, Slow Like Honey

"Is this a favorite dream of yours, Sou-chan?"

Loveless, From Your Head Down To Your Toes

Ritsuka's new outfit definitely needs something...Soubi helps accessorize.

Neopets, Sandstorm

doot doot doot doot doot DEET doot doot doot...

Smallville, Motorcycle

A thousand hours are in your mouth/I dreamed our learning/And now its time to dream our turning out.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, How Can I Live

I am your mirror image/I'm all you left behind/You made me what I am/Then who the hell am I?

Fullmetal Alchemist, Down

Tell me that you're alone/tell me on the telephone.

Alexander, Something’s Always Wrong

Another day I call and never speak/And you would say nothing's changed at all/And I can't feel much hope for anything

NaNoWriMo 2004, Let Go

leave your things behind/'cause it's all going off without you/excuse me, too busy you're writing your tragedy.

Good Omens, This Week The Trend

And this week the trend/was to not wake up till 3pm/I took the few conscious hours that I choose to spend/and slept away the rest of them

Macdonald Hall, Love is a Movement

Love is a movement/Love is a revolution.

Stargate SG-1, Set Phasers to Stun

Your famous last words started/(And they) They all know where to find me/Every word that I said, what a big mistake

Homeric Myth, Over My Head

It's none of my concern/Why look to me because I don't believe in fame.

Loveless, Never You Mind

Open the blinds and the world is in rotation/Shaking my mind like an Etch-a-Sketch erasing/Sunshine, you were bad, I'm/Still mad but I can't remember why

Ocean’s 11, Beat City

Beat City, downtown (beep beep)/Beat City, I watch you tumble down.

Hikaru no Go, Perfect Game

Can't stop growing the dream.

Legal Drug, That Girl and the Slow Train

Oh my god, she was beautiful/she was so beautiful that I, I had to count to ten...

Harry Potter, Get Out of This House

Go back to your mama, go back to high school/Get out of this house.

Death Note, Eye of the Storm

So this is where it begins and where it ends/leave, leave now and don't you look back/Please come closer

Gravitation, God of Wine

Every glamorous sunrise, Throws the planets out of line/A star sign out of whack, A fraudulent zodiac/And the God of Wine is crouched down in my room

Kyou Kara Maou, Lucky Ball and Chain

Confidentially -- she never called me baby-doll/Confidentially -- I never had much pride

InuYasha, Winter

You say I wanted you to be proud of me/yeah I always wanted that myself.

Prince of Tennis, Chemistry

So for awhile we conducted experiments/In an apartment by the River Road/And we found out that the two things we put together had a/Bad tendency to explode

Velvet Goldmine, Shimmer

All that shimmers in this world is sure to fade away again.

Loveless, Attachment Disorder

Ritsuka is rounding third base and heading for home, and all Soubi wants is a short stop.

Loveless, Masterpiece

It's the imperfections that give a masterpiece its charms.

Loveless, Just So Long and Long Enough

In which ritsuka does not ask soubi to take his ears, much to fandom's disappointment, but most other things are fair game.

Loveless, Zero Tolerance

Zero distracts Kio from the fact that Soubi is off servicing a grade schooler with Ritsuka.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Return to Sender

The Millennium Ring goes where it wills, and is held by who it wills.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Stating the Oblivious

Yugi's been noticing some new things, and Ryou and Malik are not exactly helping with their 'advice'.

Stargate SG-1, Persuasion

Ascended ones aren't allowed to interact. Not that it stops Jack.

Harry Potter, Asking For Trouble

Somehow Remus is to blame.

Kyou Kara Maou, Never Too Old + Director’s Cut

Greta is growing up way too fast, and Yuuri has a plan to keep her away from the scary boys.

Prince of Tennis, Accidental Alchemy

Eiji and Oishi's sophomore year, several members of the team think things would be much better if they got along.

Prince of Tennis, Snow Tennis

Well obviously Eiji isn't coming in just because of a little snow.

Hikaru no Go, Life Imitates Art

Hikaru might be spending just a little too much time watching TV.

Prince of Tennis, Warning: Will Brighten Your Colors

If you watch them long enough, it looks like they're flying instead of swimming.

Hikaru no Go, A Better Person

Touya doesn't miss much, but that doesn't mean he understands Isumi's point of view.

Alexander, Pretty Words All in a Row

Hephaistion's birthday present is causing some consternation in Alexander's bedroom.

Kyou Kara Maou, To Bandarbia, With Love + Director’s Cut

Yozak does things without Conrad's permission, Yuuri is confused, and Gwendal's head talks too much.

Gravitation, Calling Your Bluff

Yuki tries to finish up a novel in Shuichi's absence and discovers that admitting you have a problem is the first step to all hell breaking loose.

Egyptian Mythology, Upheaval in the House of Phoenix

What living in my house the week before my brother's graduation was like, as told through the medium of Egyptian mythology.

Ocean’s 11, Compliments of the House

Linus takes out his frustrations on an innocent hotel room.

Ocean’s 11, You’re Killing Me Here

If only Saul knew half as much now as he did when Danny and Rusty were out all night defiling his '73 Gremlin.

Hikaru no Go, Adding to the Noise

Shindou doesn't like when things are too quiet.

Kyou Kara Maou, All Hands On Deck

It isn't like the Maou's going to get lost on a boat...Yozak distracts Conrad from his Maou-sitting.

Kyou Kara Maou, 20 Themes

20 different fics about Kyou Kara Maou, using 20 different prompts.

Hikaru no Go, V for Victory

Touya's hair does things to Shindou.

Harry Potter, Never Wank a Sleeping Weasel

Ron can sleep through anything. No, really, anything.

Hikaru no Go, Between Floors

Touya is having doubts, and Shindou just wants to have lunch.

Hikaru no Go, Claiming Territory

Touya is still trying to piece together just what Shindou thinks he is doing, and Shindou isn't sleeping well.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Taming Bakura

Ryou is missing, Yugi is devious, Marik is insane, and Bakura is not having nearly as much fun as he wants.

Neopets, Caring for Eyries

When full-grown, the Eyrie is intelligent, loyal, well-groomed, and helpful. As an adolescent, the Eyrie is scatterbrained, vain, and easily distracted by shiny objects.

Harry Potter, And Then The Dark Lord Went Blam

I think the title says it all, really.

Kyou Kara Maou, Too Many Sugar Flowers For Someone

Yuuri samples a few local delicacies at the Winter's End Festival that have quite the effect on him.

Hikaru no Go, This Isn’t the Freaking Heian Era

Touya is so freaking confused.

Gravitation, Twelve Million Japanese Women

PG-13 for taking the slash market by storm.

Fullmetal Alchemist, Follow the Leader

Winry is doing her best to help out.

Harry Potter, Loyalty (The Going Postal Remix)

What could Oliver Wood, Weasley lover extraordinaire, possibly have to say to 'I don't know any of you anymore' Percy?

Harry Potter, Till All My Skin Was Gone (The Homes That I Have Loved Remix)

He showed the boy his tattoos, all of them, explaining what each one meant. Harry listened raptly, eyes following the lines first of childhood daring, then of adult devotion, and of prisoner suffering.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, In the Same Condition

Joey inquires whether Yami wants to be punched again.

Macdonald Hall, The Thrill of Discovery Channel

Cathy and Diane give a multimedia presentation, and Bruno is even more confused than before.

Death Note, Best Present He’s Got Yet

L has some birthday presents for Raito, but he's a little tied up. Chained up. Whatever.

Ocean’s 11, I Have No Time For Such Details

The guy wasn't there.

Death Note, What’s Really Strange

This should be much weirder than it is. And that's not the weird part.

Kyou Kara Maou, Clear and Present Danger

Yuuri can either give Wolfram a Valentine's Day present or not, and Gwendal's advice is, as usual, priceless.

Idoru, Different on the Outside

Chia has several surprises for Masahiko.

Alexander, Prose and Khans

Alexander has no idea how much Hephaistion wishes he were there instead of his letters.

Harry Potter, Certain Expectations

Sirius visits Remus at work and is disgruntled to find he isn't the only one with this brilliant idea.

Good Omens, Mortal Sins

Some insight into Aziraphale's earthly joys.

Harry Potter, Anybody Want A Peanut?

Draco does not like the way Harry and Neville are looking at him at all.

Gravitation, Quite the Effect

Yuki's editor would like to see the manuscript right now, thanks much, and there is no time for Shuichi's piffly interruptions.

NaNoWriMo 2004, The Classics Never Die

Just what's wrong with vanilla?

InuYasha, Ask Inuyasha

Inuyasha doesn't appreciate being toyed with, even if he is right all the time.

Macdonald Hall, Free As The Wind

The Arachnid world is Dormitory 3's world.

Alexander, Exempla Maiorum

Alexander has the attention span of a tsetse fly, and Hephaistion has the oratory skill of a giraffe.

Kyou Kara Maou, Not That Kind Of Guy

Clearly someone is going to have to fill Yuuri in on some Mazoku things.

Gravitation, Wake Up Little Shuichi

Shuichi has to get up for work despite a late night, and Yuki does not feel bad at all about it.

NaNoWriMo 2004, A Miss Daisy and a Leon Spinx

Adam is seduced into a life of petty crime.

NaNoWriMo 2004, Notes From the Tundra

It's totally a euphemism.

Ocean’s 11, On The In

The thing in the elevator barely took the edge off. Danny's been gone a long time.

Harry Potter, Bring the Mandolin

Peter gets held up in the doorway.

Harry Potter, Panicked

James apparently missed the footnote about Animagi panicking.

Harry Potter, Put That in a Box

Sirius hates moving, and Lily isn't helping.

Harry Potter, What The Combined Forces Of Gryffindor Know About Girls

Ron needs some advice, and nothing good is forthcoming.

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