Neopets, Sandstorm

Title: Sandstorm [Neopets, Lost Desert Plot]
Rating/Warnings: G. shut up. for sand in uncomfortable places.
AN: Written for the 2005 Sekrit Projekt, Hidden Track.

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DEET doot doot doot
doot doot doot doot doot
DEET doot doot doot
DEET doot DEET doot DEET doot dododododod….

Hidden Track: Sandstorm

AN: This was actually my submission for the Random Contest where you had to explain what the deal was with the Temple of a 1,000 Tombs.

The story of the Temple of 1,000 Tombs goes a little something like this:

Once there was a Pharaoh of the Lost Desert who wanted a fabulous monument to his glory so that the citizens of Neopia would never forget his name. Or perhaps, since the rest of Neopia would have no idea that the Lost Desert would exist for a few more Neopets’ anniversaries, perhaps just to give them a puzzle they would never figure out so they would go totally insane searching through source code and dismantling flash comics.

The Pharaoh had a contest in which all the engineers of the kingdom proposed a monument. The ideas were mostly duds until a young Shoyru reported that he could build a maze so dense that nobody could find their way to where they were going, not even if they had ten colors of markers and could actually draw those irritating Eye symbols.

Delighted, the Pharaoh told the Shoyru to go for it, and before sundown that very day a stone doorway was carved, leading down into the sands of the desert. the Shoyru was full to bursting with his new plans, and descended the stairs to begin digging tunnels at once, rather than wait until the morning.

In the middle of the night, however, a terrible sandstorm swept the area, completely burying the beginnings of the maze. The Pharaoh, who was mighty but easily distracted, soon forgot all about the chosen project, and began work instead on the 500 foot tall statue built out of Swiss Cheese (the plan had a few holes in it).

Trapped beneath the sands, the lone Shoyru shrugged and began to dig new tunnels…

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