Harry Potter, Put That in a Box

Title: Put That In A Box [Remus/Sirius]
Rating/Warnings: R for packing it in.
Summary: Sirius hates moving, and Lily isn’t helping.
A/N: Written as commentporn for Copperbadge in the throes of moving. My mom likes to put things in boxes.

Put That in a Box

“Sirius, what about an umbrella? do you have an umbrella?”

“NO,” Sirius bellowed back from the living room, sitting next to Remus on the floor amidst a welter of boxes. “And I don’t WANT one!”

“I’ll just put one in a box for you…” Lily’s voice trailed off and there was the noise of several kitchen cabinets opening and closing.

“So help me god,” Sirius growled, “I swear if that woman puts one more thing in a box, I’m going to…”

“Now Sirius,” Remus interrupted hurriedly, “you know she’s only trying to help. I’m sure Lily has better things to do on a Saturday than pack your shaggy arse up…”

“Sirius, are you taking this chair? It’s a nice chair, let me just get a garbage bag over it.”

“WOMAN!” Sirius attempted to leap to his feet and storm into the kitchen with the fury of a thousand self-righteous and put-upon Marauders, but Remus jerked him back down hard by the collar of his T-shirt.

“Sit!” he commanded. “Stay!”

“Fuck you,” Sirius snapped rebelliously. He gave Remus a wounded glare, and Remus rolled his eyes before leaning over to kiss Sirius as an understanding that Sirius’ foul mood was more a product of moving, which he hated, than of Lily’s help, which he hated slightly less.

It was a mistake, Remus realized immediately as Sirius pushed him over onto his back in a messy tackle without breaking the kiss, because Sirius would take any opportunity to get distracted from packing. Moreover, Remus hardly had the presence of mind to stop him when long fingers were working their way between their bodies to nudge open Remus’ flies.

“Stop,” Remus had meant to stay, but as soon as he got the first letter out it turned into “Sfuck yes…”

Sirius sat up suddenly, and Remus wondered dazedly if he’d come to his senses because they were supposed to be packing and Lily was only twenty feet away in the kitchen, but no, it turned out that Sirius was actually getting out of the way to push Remus’ trousers further down and undo his own jeans. When he slid back on top of Remus, grinding their cocks together, Remus found he didn’t really have the breath to argue.

“Lily…” he managed desperately, “walk in…”

Too late, as Sirius’ eyes widened and his nostrils flared, Remus remembered that mentioning others watching was a sure way to prevent Sirius from stopping at all costs. Fucking exibitionist.

Hoping to end things quickly while he still had an iota of dignity, Remus rolled the two of them over so that he was on top. He winced when the roll cracked the back of Sirius’ head against the couch, but Sirius didn’t seem to notice as he yanked Remus down by the hair for another bruising kiss.

Supporting his weight perilously against the side of the couch freed one of Remus’ hands to work between them and cover Sirius’, stroking both of them harder. Tearing his mouth away from Sirius’, he bent his head to bite down on Sirius’ shoulder through the T-shirt. Sucking in a harsh breath, Sirius came inside their hands, and Remus gave a few more thrusts into the hot slickness before following.

His precarious balance gave out, and he collapsed against Sirius’ chest, hand still trapped between them and promising to go wicked pins and needles when the bloodflow returned, but Remus couldn’t be arsed to care at the moment.

“Hate moving,” Sirius grunted. “Hate fucking moving.”

“I know, Pads,” Remus soothed, and would’ve stroked Sirius’ hair if he could’ve moved either hand. “But just think of all the new rooms we get to christen.”

Sirius’ half-hearted laugh was interrupted by Lily’s predictable arrival.

“Oh my god!” There was the sound of something heavy striking the carpet behind Remus. “I’ll just be in the kitchen then!”

“Heh, let her put that in a box,” Sirius grinned with a lot of teeth.

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