Category: Loveless

Loveless, In the Darkness (The It’s Only Natural Remix)

Soubi is having trouble sleeping, but only because Ritsuka keeps waking him up. (Soubi/Ritsuka)

JE, Sleepless, Take Two

Loveless AU AU, in which Kitayama has Ultraman pajamas and he and Totsuka are bonded when they are tiny instead of in their late teens. (Kitayama/Totsuka)

Loveless, Sacrificial Savvy (The Such a Simple Word Remix)

Ritsuka just doesn't understand anything at all. (Soubi/Ritsuka)

Loveless, Normal People

Kio had no idea how this had happened. Honestly. None. (Kio/Youji/Natsuo)

Loveless, Inappropriate Attire

Ritsuka does not approve. (Soubi/Ritsuka)

Loveless, If This Silence Takes You

Kio and Ritsuka try to tell Soubi that art isn't exactly relaxing, given his choice of subject. (Soubi/Ritsuka)

Loveless, Bob and Weave

This 'training' of Soubi's seems to have not so much to do with self-defense and a whole lot to do with getting Ritsuka's shirt off. (Soubi/Ritsuka)

Loveless, Damaged Goods

Seimei has a few choice words for Ritsu-sensei.

Loveless, Softer, Cuter, and Longer

Zero find something of interest in their bed yet again.

Loveless, Slow Like Honey

"Is this a favorite dream of yours, Sou-chan?"

Loveless, From Your Head Down To Your Toes

Ritsuka's new outfit definitely needs something...Soubi helps accessorize.

Loveless, Never You Mind

Open the blinds and the world is in rotation/Shaking my mind like an Etch-a-Sketch erasing/Sunshine, you were bad, I'm/Still mad but I can't remember why

Loveless, Attachment Disorder

Ritsuka is rounding third base and heading for home, and all Soubi wants is a short stop.

Loveless, Masterpiece

It's the imperfections that give a masterpiece its charms.

Loveless, Just So Long and Long Enough

In which ritsuka does not ask soubi to take his ears, much to fandom's disappointment, but most other things are fair game.

Loveless, Zero Tolerance

Zero distracts Kio from the fact that Soubi is off servicing a grade schooler with Ritsuka.

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