JE, Sleepless, Take Two

Title: Sleepless, Take Two [Kitayama/Totsuka]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Interpolated from comment drabbles diamondsjack and I wrote before. It is a Loveless AU AU, in which Kitayama has Ultraman pajamas and he and Totsuka are bonded when they are tiny instead of in their late teens.
AN: The rest of the fic written by Diamondsjack here.

Sleepless, Take Two

They’re supposed to be changing into their pajamas, but Totsuka is sitting on Kitayama’s bed, looking around at his posters. They’re too young for sleepovers, he’d heard Totsuka-san tell his mother, but his mother talked Totsuka’s into it and so now Totsuka is sitting on Kitayama’s Ultraman sheets, swinging his feet and looking for all the world like he belongs there. He does belong there, Kitayama thinks, and Kitayama doesn’t want him to be anywhere else ever.

Then Kitayama frowns at himself because that doesn’t really make any sense. They’d get bored if they stayed in Kitayama’s room forever.

“Tell me about the special school again,” Totsuka says abruptly, turning back to meet Kitayama’s eyes. Totsuka’s ears are perked and his tail is curling lazily over Kitayama’s sheets, and Kitayama feels an echo of the shock from their hands touching.

“We aren’t old enough yet,” Kitayama answers, giving up on the pajamas and crawling onto his bed to sit cross-legged, next to Totsuka. “You have to go to school still, but they teach you to fight, and there’s lots of other pairs.”

“And we’ll be roommates,” Totsuka says, not quite a question. He reaches over to stroke the fur of Kitayama’s tail flat, and Kitayama shivers. “We’ll have sleepovers every night.”

“It’s not a sleepover if it’s your room,” Kitayama retorts, but Totsuka just smiles his weird Totsuka smile. “Won’t your mom miss you though? Mine doesn’t want me to go.”

“Mm,” Totsuka hums thoughtfully. “There’s my brother and sister, though. She tells my dad she needs a break from us all the time. Maybe your mom should just get you a little brother or sister so she won’t be lonely.”

“That’s what I’ve been telling her!” Kitayama insists, grinning at the way that Totsuka totally gets it. “When she goes to the supermarket I always tell her to come back with a cute little brother but…” Kitayama trails off with a frustrated noise.

“Mothers,” Totsuka sympathizes. “Ne, Hiromitsu.”

“Hm?” Kitayama eyes Totsuka, wondering why the way Totsuka says his name makes his ears fold flat. “Why do you say it like that?”

“Like what? Hiromitsu.” Totsuka laughs when Kitayama’s ears collapse again. “Say mine.”

“Shota?” Kitayama tries, but it’s not like when Totsuka calls him. Totsuka should have a different name, one Kitayama gives him. “Tottsu.”

“What?” Totsuka laughs, his ears not folding back, but they fan out cutely instead, and Kitayama likes that better. “Get tired in the middle?”

“Tottsu,” Kitayama repeats firmly, reaching over to tweak Totsuka’s ear that has the white tip.

“Hm,” Totsuka’s eyes narrow to slits as Kitayama smooths the fur of Totsuka’s ear with his thumb, “I like it.”

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