JE, Dare You & Double Dog Dare You

Title: Dare You
Unit for Points: Tackey & Tsubasa
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Tsubasa/Fujigaya, Tsubasa/Tackey
Author’s Notes: Well who knows what Tsubasa gets up to while Tackey’s doing two shows at once.

Dare You

“The Snowmen are just cuter, is all.”

“Tsubasa-nii!” Fujigaya gasped, eyes narrowed. “I could do better than them handcuffed and blindfolded!”

Tsubasa leaned back against the arm of the couch with a smirk. “Prove it.”


When Tackey got home from his other show in the dark hours of the morning, he wasn’t exactly surprised to find Tsubasa in bed, Fujigaya sprawled across Tsubasa’s chest, handcuffs still dangling from one wrist.

“Geez, okay,” Tackey murmured. “We’ll restart duo activities already.”

Tsubasa’s eyes opened just enough to glitter. “Jealous?”

Tackey snorted. “You both have too much free time on your hands.”

Title: Double Dog Dare You
Unit for Points: Tackey & Tsubasa
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Tackey/Tsubasa/Fujigaya
Author’s Notes: And then the obvious conclusion of events.

Double Dog Dare You

Fujigaya’s head wasn’t doing him any favors when he crawled back to consciousness, but the person he was lying on was comfortable at least. Soft voices were talking above him, and Fujigaya cracked open a bleary eye to find Tackey and Tsubasa both looking down at him in amusement.

“Hope you’re up to perform today~,” Tackey chirped, running fingers down Fujigaya’s bare spine.

Fujigaya swallowed a groan and snuggled closer to Tsubasa. “I can do anything those damn Snowmen can do.”

“Ne,” Tsubasa said in a mock-whisper as Tackey slid a hand into his hair, “ask him to prove it.”

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