Kis-My-Ft2/A.B.C.-Z, Seven Years, Seventeen Kisses

Title: Seven Years, Seventeen Kisses
Unit for Points: Tackey & Tsubasa
Word Count: 100 x 7
Characters/Pairings: Kitayama/Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C.-Z
Author’s Notes: After writing Kitayama stealing Senga’s first Countdown kiss here, we decided that Kitayama would have definitely stolen his entire group’s Countdown kisses over the years, given half a chance. 2003-2004 would have been his first Countdown, and Goseki’s first too.

Seven Years, Seventeen Kisses

Year 1: 2003-2004

Kitayama Hiromitu’s first year in Johnny’s passes in a blur, punctuated by the usual New Year’s spectacular. Johnny’s is everything he’d expected and a few things he hadn’t. One of those things is Goseki Koichi.

“So,” Goseki sidles up, all cat’s feet and grin. “First Countdown?”

“Yeah.” Kitayama’s watching NEWS prancing like skittish reindeer to their single and pushing down hard on feelings of if I’d been here

His view is suddenly blocked by Goseki’s face, and then Goseki’s mouth on his own, and Goseki laughs all the way down when Kitayama shoves him to the floor with a crash.


Year 2: 2004-2005

By the 2004-2005 Countdown, Kitayama is much less skittish about fanservice, plus he’s got a unit now. Goseki has his own unit to torment, two of his own members to chase down.

Not that Tsukada or Totsuka seem to be putting up much of a fight.

Kitayama isn’t sure that Yokoo will be so willing, but that’s the member he’s stuck with, and at least Yokoo doesn’t have his Iida-shadow for protection tonight. Kitayama tries a sneak attack, but Yokoo looks up with a little smile.

“Don’t tell Kyohei,” is all he murmurs before he lets Kitayama have his way.


Year 3: 2005-2006

“Where’s my kiss?” Fujigaya demands before they even make it on-stage. Kitayama rolls his eyes and shoves him towards A.B.C., confident that the foursome is busy practicing their own.

And anyway, before midnight doesn’t count.

As the fireworks go off, Fujigaya appears, dragging Iida along like a last-second present. He wraps his free arm around Kitayama’s neck and takes long enough about it that Kitayama almost misses collecting Iida as well. When Kitayama pulls back, his collection half-complete and Iida dazed, Fujigaya’s eyes are dark with interest and inspiration.

Kitayama wonders if A.B.C. had been a bad idea after all.


Year 4: 2006-2007

If it weren’t such a tradition by then, Kitayama might consider giving this year a pass, but Goseki and Fujigaya start looking a bit too smug for Kitayama’s liking, and it’s not a collection if you don’t have all of them, so.

It isn’t like Miyata’s any more unfortunate than Kawai was last year.

“Congratulations, Kita—” is all that Miyata gets out before Kitayama cuts him off. He’s good and thorough about it, since he’s the senpai and all.

Miyata’s eyes are dark and his cheeks pink, and Kitayama has hopes that he might turn out cute after all.


Year 5: 2007-2008

The next year there isn’t anybody new, but it doesn’t stop Fujigaya from challenging Kitayama to a competition for who can collect the most kisses.

“Like you can beat me,” Kitayama snorts, and it’s on.

Fujigaya gets Kawai and Yokoo (“Too easy,” Kitayama says) while Kitayama is busy collecting Totsuka and Miyata. But while Fujigaya’s distracted by Tsukada’s flexibility, Kitayama causes an upset by getting his revenge on Goseki for his first Countdown.

“Three all,” Fujigaya sighs, tragic, while Goseki laughs. “Tie game.”

“Not so much,” Kitayama says, and then snatches the winning kiss right out from under Fujigaya’s nose.


Year 6: 2008-2009

2008-2009 requires a bit of planning, since both Nikaido and Tamamori have been Ebikisu more than long enough to know what’s expected of cute kouhai on New Year’s. It’s a toss-up who Kitayama should nab first; Miyata will be there and Senga won’t, but Nikaido lives to thwart Kitayama.

He nails Nikaido first, blitzkrieg-style, trusting more in Nikaido’s contrariness than in Tamamori’s wiles, but is surprised when he turns to find Miyata holding Tamamori’s hands behind his back, pinning him in place for Kitayama.

“It’s fine,” Miyata grins. Tamamori’s cheeks go pink. “Kisses aren’t the only firsts at Countdown.”


Year 7: 2009-2010

Senga’s so easy that it’s almost anti-climactic after all the years of Countdown kiss collection. But firsts look so good on Senga, cheeks flushed and excitement-bright eyes, that Kitayama hardly cares.

“You got us all, right?” Senga asks, then laughs when Nikaido tugs him closer with possessive hands. “Nika, don’t crush my swoosh! Anyway, he got you too.”

“I let him have me,” Nikaido retorts.

“Maybe we’ll be real by next year,” Senga tells Kitayama, eyes lit with prescience and longing. “You can start over?”

“Let’s make it a resolution,” Kitayama agrees, wondering who’ll steal his first kiss, next year.

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