Loveless, Normal People

Title: Normal People [Kio/Natsuo/Youji]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Kio had no idea how this had happened. Honestly. None.
AN: Written for 2006 Trick or Treat

Normal People

Kio had no idea how this had happened. Honestly. None.

“Kio-taaaaan,” slurred Youji, grinning endearingly, ears twitching behind his devil’s horns. Kio took a quick step back because he had seen the way Youji had been ‘accidentally’ nailing people with his heels all night.

That meant he slammed right into Natsuo, however, who curled around him immediately like a creeper vine.

“You want to share, right?” Natsuo smiled up at Kio, rubbing his cheek against the velvet corset of Kio’s bar wench costume.

Kio held the pitcher of beer up a little higher and tried to figure out how this had gone so heinously wrong. He should have known better, really, but when normal people asked if they could bring friends to a college party, they meant COLLEGE friends, not sixth graders!

One of them, there was no point in trying to figure out which, snapped Kio’s garter belt, making him yelp and slosh the beer a little. Kio glared across the room, where Ritsuka was sitting on a stool beside Soubi, clutching a soda in both hands and being purred over by a group of girls in their art class who were dressed like the Sailor Moon-tachi.

“Hey!” Youji yanked hard on Kio’s ‘tail’ until he looked down. “Pay attention to us!”

“We’re way more fun that Ritsuka and Soubi,” Natsuo added, and when ice-cold fingers suddenly snuck up Kio’s skirt, Kio upended the pitcher over Natsuo’s head.

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