Loveless, Inappropriate Attire

Title: Inappropriate Attire [Ritsuka/Soubi]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Ritsuka does not approve.
AN: Written for Trick or Treat 2006

Inappropriate Attire

“It’s not funny, Soubi,” Ritsuka scowled, tail lashing, and Soubi smiled down at him.

“What’s not?” he inquired. It was hard to keep his face straight while his insides were liquifying from the sheer cute of Ritsuka’s Seigaku costume.

“Those.” Ritsuka narrowed his eyes at the fake black kitty ears which definately did not match Soubi in any way. “That’s not a costume.”

“Isn’t it?” Soubi reached up to finger one of the ears, keeping an eye on Ritsuka’s blush. “What do you think I’m going as, Ritsuka?”

“You’re a–” Ritsuka swallowed, scowled harder, dropped his gaze to the side. “–you know. A–”

“I’m afraid I don’t see what your objection is.” Soubi really was having a hard time fighting down the smile now, as Ritsuka’s face was flaming and he was clenching his fists. He looked mad enough even to maybe give some orders, and a shiver of pleasure hissed up Soubi’s spine at the thought.

“Hey, Youji!” the shout behind Ritsuka made him jump and whirl, teeth bared. Natsuo grinned and made the skirt of his angel costume swish back and forth. “Hurry up! Soubi’s dressed like a virgin!”

Soubi sagged against the doorway, holding his stomach from laughter, as Ritsuka reached up and bent Natsuo’s halo in.

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