Supernatural, Flexible Morals

Title: Flexible Morals [Sam, Dean]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Sam does not want Dean’s illicit booty.
AN: Written for Trick or Treat 2006.

Flexible Morals

“I’m not related to you.” Sam had his hands over his eyes.

Dean smirked, because he knew exactly what it would take to put an end to Sammy’s inconvenient ‘social taboos.’ “Want a peanut butter cup?”

No,” Sam pulled his fingers apart just enough to glare at Dean, “I refuse to take any part of your illicit booty.”

“C’mon, Sammy,” Dean nudged the bright orange plastic bag a little further towards Sam across the Impala’s front seat. “All’s fair, y’know? They were way too old to be trick-or-treating. It was my moral imperative to put a stop to their shenagins.”

“It was your moral imperative to leap out of the bushes at them, screaming like a maniac?”

“I can spot TPers a mile away.” Dean shoved a whole fun-sized (honestly, this size wasn’t that much fun really) Butterfingers in his mouth and smiled condescendingly. “And those, baby brother, were TPers.”

“I’m not related…” Sam cut off when Dean reached a little deeper in the plastic bag and actually pulled out a roll of toilet paper.

And then he delivered the coup de grace. “Clark bar?”

Sam called him a bastard and snatched the candy out of his hand.

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