Kyou Kara Maou, And I in My Cap

Title: And I in My Cap [Conrad/Yuuri, Conrad/Yozak, and Yuuri/Wolfram, respectively]
Rating and Warnings: PG-13 I suppose, and as usual it was fine until Yozak showed up.
Summary: Yuuri’s Christmas presents for some people are handmade this year.
AN: Although they were written in order to tell a little story, each part was meant to stand alone as well, so there may be a certain amount of repetition.

Part 1: For Darkeyedwolf [Conrad/Yuuri]

“What’s this, Your Majesty?” Conrad asked, peering down at the squashy red package Yuuri had just dropped in his hand.

“Merry Christmas, Conrad!” Yuuri beamed, then frowned a little. “And stop calling me that.”

“Should I open it now?” Conrad’s mouth quirked as Yuuri said ‘yes’ then ‘no’ then ‘yes’ again, and scuffed his foot.

“You might not like it,” he finally said, rubbing the back of his head. Conrad thought that he would probably like anything that put that blush across Yuuri’s royal cheeks, but…well…maybe he should just open the present.

Sparing a moment to marvel at the weirdness of Earth wrapping paper—were those shiny kittens with red bobble hats?—Conrad tore through the wrapping with a thumb trained to kill, and something brown and knitted flopped out into his hands.

“Er, I’ve been knitting with Gwendal,” Yuuri said, blushing harder, and Conrad realized that he was holding one of the brown bear hats that Wolfram and Greta, and reluctantly Yuuri, wore everywhere. “We all have them, Gwendal even made Gunter one—oh, but don’t tell him yet—so you should have one too.”

Conrad tugged the thing onto his head and yanked on the dangling braids to even it out. When he put a hand up to feel for the ears, he had to supress a smile as it became obvious that they were not even close to symmetrical on his head.

“Well?” he asked Yuuri. “How does it look?”

“Ah…” Yuuri blushed even harder. “Ne, Conrad, it’s not very good…sorry. It’s the first thing I ever knitted.”

“Then I’m honored.” Conrad smiled, letting his hand drop from the mismatched ears. It wasn’t like he had to look at them, after all.

“Thanks, Conrad.” Yuuri looked immensely relieved, and caught Conrad around the waist suddenly to hug him. After a half-second of surprise, Conrad let his arm fall on Yuuri’s shoulders to hug him back.

Yozak was going to have a field day with this.

Part 2: For Ramen_Addict [Conrad/Yozak]

Yozak laughed until his mascara ran from the tears, but Conrad just took it stoically.

“God!” Yozak howled, sprawled across Conrad’s bed. “Have you even SEEN yourself?!”

“No,” Conrad said flatly, reaching up to brush one of the misplaced bear ears on the knitted hat. “I think it’s better that I don’t, actually.”

“That kid is a piece of work sometimes.” Yozak took the tissue Conrad was offering him and dabbed at his mascara.

“Yuuri put a lot of work into this hat,” Conrad admonished. “You’ll regret it if you say anything to him about it.”

“It’s a fine hat.” Still not quite managing to hold in all the snickers, Yozak reached over to tug Conrad in between his legs by the wrist. “High fashion. Be all the rage by spring.”

“Hmm.” Conrad didn’t exactly protest as Yozak started undoing the buttons on his uniform, his laughter buzzing against the warm skin of Conrad’s stomach. He reached up to slide the hat off, but Yozak caught his rest.

“Nah, leave it on,” Yozak grinned, nipping Conrad’s hip and looking up at him with wicked blue eyes. “We’ll break it in.”

“Yozak!” Conrad barked, but then Yozak was tumbling him down onto the bed, and Conrad always forgot just how strong Yozak was when he was wearing the turquoise silk.

Part 3: For Marksykins [Yuuri/Wolfram]

“You cheater!”

Wolfram actually looked a little hurt this time, but just for a split-second before his eyes were glinting with fury again, and Yuuri wasn’t even sure that he had seen it.

“It was just a hat, Wolfram,” he protested, furrowing his brow down at his fiance, who was glaring at him from the bed, sitting cross-legged in that ridiculous nightgown. “It wasn’t even a very good hat.”

“But our hats are supposed to match!” Wolfram snapped.

“Trust me, ours still will,” Yuuri assured. He wished Wolfram would shut up already so he could give him his present; his arms were starting to ache from holding it behind his back. “It was kind of the worst hat ever.”

“But, you still didn’t have to make Weller one!” Wolfram twisted the bedspread a little between his hands, and Yuuri decided enough was enough and dropped the squashy silver package into Wolfram’s lap. “And it was…wait, what’s this?”

“Merry Chrismas, Wolfram,” Yuuri said, sitting down next to Wolfram and nudging him with his shoulder. “Go on, open it!”

Wolfram tore into the paper, giving Yuuri a suspicious look, but his eyes went wide when a spill of dark green wool waterfalled over his hands. He blinked at Yuuri, and Yuuri reached over to tug the scarf out of Wolfram’s hands and wind it around his neck.

“Yours came out a lot better because I did it second,” Yuuri explained, admiring how the green matched Wolfram’s eyes, and made his darkening blush stand out against his pale skin.

“Yuuri,” Wolfram grumbled, clearly choking on an apology, and Yuuri gave in and tugged Wolfram forward by the scarf to kiss him instead.

“I thought it might come in handy for the next time we invade Bandarbia,” Yuuri murmured in Wolfram’s ear as he edged him back farther onto the bed. “And for building snowmen with Greta.”

“What’s a snow…” Wolfram started, then his breath hitched as Yuuri bit down lightly on his earlobe. “…oooh…”

And for tying Wolfram to the bed, as it turned out.

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