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Gravitation, God of Wine

Every glamorous sunrise, Throws the planets out of line/A star sign out of whack, A fraudulent zodiac/And the God of Wine is crouched down in my room

Gravitation, Calling Your Bluff

Yuki tries to finish up a novel in Shuichi's absence and discovers that admitting you have a problem is the first step to all hell breaking loose.

Gravitation, Twelve Million Japanese Women

PG-13 for taking the slash market by storm.

Gravitation, Quite the Effect

Yuki's editor would like to see the manuscript right now, thanks much, and there is no time for Shuichi's piffly interruptions.

Gravitation, Wake Up Little Shuichi

Shuichi has to get up for work despite a late night, and Yuki does not feel bad at all about it.

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