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Prince of Tennis/Naruto, Konoha no Inui Sadaharu

Inui gathers some interesting data. (Gen, AU)

Prince of Tennis, Five Times Tezuka Kunimitsu Wasn’t Captain

Echizen, Kaidoh, Momoshiro, Oishi, and Yamato, but not Tezuka. (Gen)

Prince of Tennis/JE, Gackt-chan Goes To Seigaku

Tezuka is baby-sitting, and much less pleased about it than Inui and Fuji are. (Gen, AU)

Prince of Tennis, Loophole

Inui says he'll take care of the problem. (Gen)

Prince of Tennis, Won’t Take That Long

Momoshiro and Kaidoh compete to be the best senpai during next year's Fudomine matches. (Gen)

Prince of Tennis, Accidental Alchemy

Eiji and Oishi's sophomore year, several members of the team think things would be much better if they got along.

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