Category: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh!, How Can I Live

I am your mirror image/I'm all you left behind/You made me what I am/Then who the hell am I?

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Return to Sender

The Millennium Ring goes where it wills, and is held by who it wills.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Stating the Oblivious

Yugi's been noticing some new things, and Ryou and Malik are not exactly helping with their 'advice'.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Taming Bakura

Ryou is missing, Yugi is devious, Marik is insane, and Bakura is not having nearly as much fun as he wants.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, In the Same Condition

Joey inquires whether Yami wants to be punched again.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, The Perks of Having a Body

Yami may have better hair, but sometimes he'd kill for hands.

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