Yu-Gi-Oh!, The Perks of Having a Body

Title: The Perks of Having a Body [Yami/Yugi]
Rating/Warnings: R for masturbation sort of.
Summary: Yami may have better hair, but sometimes he’d kill for hands.
A/N: While watching the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie, my brother insisted it couldn’t be slashy because Yami and Yugi shared a body. To which I replied, ‘take this!’ Also, Yugi’s hair cracks me up.

The Perks of Having a Body

Coming back from the shower, Yugi padded into his room, clutching his towel around his waist with one hand and stifling a yawn with the other. He stopped in front of the mirror and gave a little laugh at his hair, flattened by the water into sodden clumps against his scalp. Pulling the towel from body, Yugi threw it over his head and began rubbing the water out.

A chuckle close to his ear made Yugi grin and tug the towel down to his shoulders. His reflection in the mirror was alone, but when he cocked his head to the side he found a translucent Yami giving him a half-smile. As usual, Yami had imitated Yugi’s clothes, a towel slung around his hips, but his hair looked the same as always.

“Something funny?” Yugi asked, failing miserably to keep a straight face. “I notice your hair looks just fine.”

“There are certain perks to not having a body,” Yami answered. Yugi turned back to the mirror and began sorting his hair back into their usual spikes with his fingers, feeling Yami’s gaze on him as though it were fingertips grazing his skin.

His hair, still heavy with water, was having none of it. It looked like he’d barely done anything to it, other than swirl bits of it into spirals. Yugi stuck his tongue out at his reflection.

“You’re only going to sleep on it,” Yami pointed out, crossing his arms. “Seems a bit silly.”

“You know what’ll happen if I don’t do anything to it,” Yugi switched the aim of his tongue from the mirror to Yami. “It’ll only be worse in the m…morning…”

Yugi interrupted himself with a huge yawn, and Yami laughed softly. The sound brushed a warm path down Yugi’s chest.

“Let me, then,” Yami said, reaching for Yugi’s shoulder, and Yugi let him take control, closing his eyes against the chill sensation of being pushed outside his body. When he opened his eyes again, he was staring at a taller, filled-in version of himself.

With really bad hair.

Yami raised an eyebrow at Yugi’s cheerful laughter, lips quirked, then turned to the mirror, burying his fingers in Yugi’s hair. Yugi leaned against the dresser to watch Yami smoothing his spikes deftly into place, admiring the long fingers.

“So strange to see my reflection,” Yami mused, and Yugi nodded; he was avoiding his own lack of reflection for good reason, the same way he preferred to watch Yami’s face rather then look down and see the rug through his feet.

“There are certain perks to having a body,” he teased, earning a true laugh from Yami. The sound was rare enough that it sent a burst of pleasure prickling down his spine, and Yugi was glad that they’d switched places because this way he had a towel covering himself. Yami on the other hand didn’t seem to have any problems with letting it all hang out. Yugi felt a blush creep across his nose as he observed that height wasn’t the only difference between the two of them. “I still can’t believe no one else notices when you’re in control.”

“The difference is all in your mind, Yugi.” Yami gave the last spike a final tweak and held out a hand to Yugi. “I’ll show you.”

Reaching for Yami’s hand, there was another moment of dizzying displacement before Yugi was looking at Yami leaning against the dresser next to Yugi’s reflection in the mirror. Looking between the two, Yugi shrugged and looked skeptical.

“Close your eyes,” Yami instructed, and Yugi obeyed immediately. “You’re a Pharaoh, Yugi, a king, the most revered man in the entire world. In front of you is a great hall of people on their knees, dozens of subjects, waiting for your words. You’re about to give them all orders, completely confident that they will obey you and that your direction controls their entire lives.”

As Yami talked, Yugi could almost feel strong hands on him, urging his spine straighter, his chin tilted up proudly, and his arms crossed.

“Open your eyes, Yugi.”

When Yugi did so, gazing down his nose at his reflection and Yami standing beside, the only difference between the two was the extra blond spikes of Yami’s hair.

“If you’re not sure which one you are,” Yami said, “I’m the one with the good hair.”

The illusion of similarity dissolved when Yugi gave an indignant cry and took a purposely wide swing at Yami, and Yami pretended to dodge. They mock-fought for another minute before Yugi tumbled into bed, laughing. Gazing up at the still-standing Yami, Yugi asked if he was coming to bed around a yawn.

“Too tired for pajamas,” he added, tugging the towel from around his neck and tossing it to the floor. After watching Yugi’s towel fall, Yami closed his eyes for a moment, and his towel was simply gone.

“Nights in the desert are cold,” Yami said, eyes still closed and voice sounding far away, “but when the sun is at its highest, the heat is so intense that it can drive the strongest man to his knees.”

Yugi held very still, watching Yami, afraid to breath lest he shatter the fragile memory. Clear memories of Yami’s Egyptian past were rare, but sometimes, like now, sights or sensations triggered smaller, more mundane remembrances.

“Sometimes, on the hottest days…” a crease appeared between Yami’s eyebrows as he struggled to remember, “…I would dismiss all my servants…just to be able to remove the royal clothes…to lay naked on smooth, cool sheets…”

Slowly, so as not to break the spell, Yugi leaned over and reached out to brush his fingertips against the air where Yami’s hand seemed to be, squeezing his eyes shut and willing them to change places.

When he opened his eyes, he was standing next to the bed, looking down at Yami stretching luxuriously against the bedclothes, eyes half-slit with pleasure.

“To lie alone in bed wearing only skin,” Yami murmured, “is a pleasure of the lower class that a king can only enjoy in fleeting moments.”

“But you aren’t alone,” Yugi teased gently, sitting on the bed next to Yami. Yami’s mouth quirked as he tilted his head to meet Yugi’s gaze.

“Am I not?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “Curious then how I can take all the space I want…”

He stretched an arm through the air Yugi’s image was occupying to prove his point, making Yugi squirm and laugh as his brain insisted fingers were running over his chest, even as those fingers were passing right through him. The feeling gave him an idea.

“I suppose this won’t have any effect on you then.” Yugi grinned mischievously before bending over Yami’s lap and blowing a warm breath over the head of his cock. Just as he suspected, Yami hissed a breath, and his cock stirred even though the sensation was totally in Yami’s mind.

“Can I?” Yami asked, lowering one hand to his hip and flexing his fingers suggestively. Yugi swallowed and nodded, shivering a little when Yami closed his hand tightly around himself and let out a soft sigh of pleasure. A streak of warmth crept over Yugi’s nose as he sat back to watch, crossing his legs underneath himself.

“I can’t believe I’m blushing,” Yugi muttered, thinking of all the times he’d brought himself off in the months of sharing his body with Yami. But somehow watching his hands touch his cock was entirely different when Yami was the one in control, the glide of his hands less hurried, his fingers lingering in slightly different places than Yugi’s did.

“You’re only blushing because you think you can.” Yami’s voice was soft and low, and he regarded Yugi from under heavy eyelids. “Lacking blood, your spirit should really be able to do neither of those things.”

“Neither…” Yugi wrinkled his brow as he followed Yami’s gaze down to his own rising cock. “Oh!” The knowledge that there was no blood available didn’t stop Yugi’s cheeks from heating even more.

“I suppose it’s true then,” Yami sighed, beginning to arch into his touch just a bit, “that sex is mostly in the mind. Perhaps if you believe you are able, you can touch yourself as well.”

“I’d rather,” Yugi grinned at Yami’s teasing as he leaned forward, “be touching you.”

A soft gasp fell from Yami’s lips as Yugi placed a hand around Yami’s and stroked alongside him, and Yugi knew that Yami was feeling the ghost of sensation he felt when Yami sometimes placed his hands over Yugi’s as he held the Millennium Puzzle. Closing his eyes, Yugi focused on feeling his cock in his hand, the weight of it, the heat, the way the ridges of the skin felt across his palm, the vein underneath…and for a moment, Yugi was sure he actually felt the pulse of hot muscle in his hand…

Yami gave a sigh of deep satisfaction, and Yugi opened his eyes to find Yami giving him a sleepy smile, his palm and softening cock coated in white. Without speaking, he stretched his fingers out just a bit more to brush Yugi’s where they were still hovering above him, and Yugi gave in immediately to the tug of the switch.

His body felt heavy and sated, used in the best of ways, and when he opened his mouth to speak, only a long yawn came out.

“Thank you, Yugi,” Yami’s voice murmured close to his ear, and Yugi turned his head to see Yami stretched out beside him on the bed, chin propped up on his elbow to watch Yugi. “Watching you is satisfying, but the experience is a bit different when you actually have hands.”

Yugi nodded with a little shiver as he thought of Yami’s hands stroking himself slowly.

“Are you ever sorry that I put together the Millennium Puzzle?” Yugi asked, feeling too good to stop himself from broaching the touchy subject of Yami’s habitation in his body. Yami was quiet a long time, gazing evenly at Yugi, until Yugi was fairly sure he wasn’t getting an answer.

“No,” he said at last, surprising Yugi out of the half-sleep he had slipped into. “There are many times when I miss having my own body, when I miss my home. But I have not ever regretted that it was you who solved the Puzzle, or any of the things we have done together since.”

“Yami,” Yugi breathed, leaning up on one elbow to bring his mouth close to Yami’s, thinking only of how much he wanted to kiss the sad twist from Yami’s lips, acting on instinct while his brain was still recovering from its post-orgasm haze.

So there was a moment when there was nothing strange about the warm, dry lips pressed softly against his. And then another when it finally registered with Yugi why Yami’s eyes were so wide.

“Oh!” Yugi’s exclamation broke the kiss, and when he put a tentative hand out, it passed right through Yami as usual.

“How did you…” Yami brought his fingertips up to his lips. After a stunned moment, Yugi laughed.

“I guess I just thought I could.” Yugi shrugged, giving Yami his warmest smile. Another yawn interrupted the moment. Looking rueful, Yugi snuggled back down into his pillows. “Long day, vanquishing evil and maintaining my undefeated dueling reputation.”

“Sleep well, Yugi,” Yami chuckled, shaking his head, “you’ve earned it.”

Letting his eyes flutter closed, Yugi could’ve sworn he felt fingers smoothing down his hair as he drifted off to sleep.

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  • By The Night!, 2014.11.01 @ 12:30 pm

    Oh gods. I really love the concept of ‘touching the other’ by thinking about it. You my dear are awesome! *smiles*

  • By The Night, 2014.11.01 @ 1:04 pm

    And the idea of Yugi being much more similar to Yami is a bit mindblowing…

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