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AftS!, Five Times Special Friends Who Are Boys Day

Five SFWAB days in roughly chronological order. (Various pairings)

Aim for the Sky!, The Thought That Counts

Captain Tsukada sets up a Secret Santa exchange to promote team bonding, but most of the bonding (and the presents) are really not what Tsukada had in mind. Meanwhile, Kichida has a crisis, Asakawa is a slut, Sato nearly quits, Tachiki gets laid more than even Asakawa, Kobayashi meets Kazuhiro's brothers, Misaki gets lit, and the nameless freshman somehow dominates the whole fic. (Various pairings)

Aim for the Sky!, 50 More One-Sentence Fics

Here's another batch of 50 one-sentence fics. (Various pairings)

AftS!, One-Sentence Fics

50 sentences about Seigaku's lacrosse team. (Various pairings)

AftS!, Loses Something in Translation

Nobody will answer Marty-sempai's pressing questions. (Marty/Harada)

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